Meet ‘HIM-E’ – NEW Royal Enfield Electric Bike Concept revealed at EICMA

A new Royal Enfield electric bike has been showcased as a concept vehicle at the EICMA 2023

Royal Enfield has come up with its first-ever electric bike concept at the ongoing 2023 EICMA Auto Show in Milan, Italy. Named HIM-E, the new Royal Enfield electric bike is meant to showcase the company’s Electric Himalayan Testbed, a platform which shall form the base of future electric Royal Enfield motorcycles. The iconic unveiling might thus, mark an important new chapter in the story of Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The Royal Enfield electric bike concept comes in hot after Royal Enfield’s recent reveals, including the all-new Himalayan 450. The Himalayan 450 is a standard ICE-powered motorcycle that falls under the category of the ADV Tourer segment. The HIM-E electric concept shows how Royal Enfield is also focusing on the future of its product portfolio, by going electric. 

Hopping on to the details, the HIM-E Concept is not a new two-wheeler altogether. Instead, it serves as an electrified version of the Royal Enfield Himalayan. There are some subtle but important changes made over the standard Himalayan 450. The use of Organic Flax Fibre material is one, a material considered to be lightweight, durable and heat repellent. 

The overall design of the motorcycle is the same as its ICE twin, including circular upright LED headlights, a tall windscreen, USD front forks, and a mono-shock suspension at the rear. Up at the place of the fuel tank, it is visible that there is wiring placed there and alongside a battery can be seen. 

This bike is under testing and not many details are out yet. As far as we can expect, this prototype will undergo many more changes before making it to production. It is expected that the bike will be launched sometime in the year 2026. Royal Enfield will likely invest a good amount of funds for faster R&D on the electrification. What matters for now is that we have the first glimpses of the iconic two-wheeler maker’s attempts to go electric in the time to come.