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Your ultimate guide to India's green mobility revolution is here. Read about electric vehicle and other sustainable mobility options.

Your ultimate guide to India’s green mobility revolution is here. Read about electric vehicle and other sustainable mobility options.

India is fast adopting a new mode of transport. One that is greener, quieter, and largely considered the future of mobility for all purposes. A popular term “Electric Vehicle,” we can already see many of these on Indian roads today – a scooter, a bike, a car, or a rickshaw. Amid this transition from petrol or diesel vehicles to battery-powered ones, curiosity among Indian commuters is high. With that, comes a host of questions that at times go unanswered.

Are you curious about the world of electric vehicles too? Do you want to know more about how they work and their potential to revolutionize the automotive industry? Look no further! Our website is dedicated to all things related to electric vehicles.

Our mission is to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information about the latest EV models, industry news, and sustainable transportation initiatives. We believe that electric vehicles are the future. With that, we want to help our readers stay informed and ahead of the curve.

To start answering these questions right off the bat, let’s start with the fundamental one.

How exactly do electric vehicles work?

The concept is quite simple actually, much like the battery-powered toy cars kids play with. At the heart of every electric vehicle is a rechargeable battery pack that powers an electric motor. The battery pack comprises individual cells, similar to those in a flashlight. The motor uses the electric energy from the battery to power the car’s wheels.

While this concept largely covers how electric vehicles work, there are several distinctions within these. Types of electric vehicles like hybrid, plug-in, fuel-cell, and more use different variations of this working to power a car. The technology used also alters the way these vehicles are charged or refuelled. There are, of course, pros and cons of each.

We shall cover all of these in detail in the following posts. In addition, we shall focus on alternative fuel vehicles like those running on CNG and Ethanol. You can also expect regular updates on other hi-tech mobility solutions like Hyperloop and flying taxis.

For those who plan to switch to EVs or other green vehicles, expect to see updates on all the latest EVs in the Indian market on Green Wheels India. Be it electric scooters, bikes, or cars. We shall also post regular tips and tricks on how best to maintain your electric vehicle once you buy it. So, by the time you are making that much-needed switch to a greener vehicle yourself, you shall be a whole lot wiser on how best to fulfill your transportation needs while keeping India Clean and Green!

Join us in this journey of India’s Green Wheel Revolution, by sharing your own experience with green vehicles, or any feedback you may have for the website and its functionality. It will be our constant endeavour to better the platform for our readers in every way possible, to ultimately form the one-stop solution for all EV lovers in India.