Laptop Maker Acer Has Launched An Electric Bike That is Powered by AI

The e-bike by Acer can run for 110 km on a single charge

It won’t be long before the major tech companies of the world have their own battery-powered mobility solutions on offer. Xiaomi, Sony, and Apple may be the frontrunners here with their plans for electric cars but a surprise entry has recently joined this list. Not with an electric car or a scooter but with an e-bike that comes with Artificial Intelligence. Acer, the renowned computer maker from Taiwan, has introduced its new ebii electric bike for city commuters.

Acer calls its new product an “AI-driven smart bike for city dwellers” that will “make their commutes easier.” One look at the ebii and you know it is pretty much everything that Acer claims in a rather minimalistic presence that should be appealing to most short-distance commuters. For instance, the e-bike sports a simple and sleek design on a compact Aluminium frame, making it both sturdy and lightweight for use. All the electronics fit within a single rectangular box that connects the front fork to the rear one.

As a product of a renowned technology company, ebii also houses all the new-age tech features for safety, performance, and ride statistics. This includes the smart ebiiAssist AI, which adapts to the rider’s pedalling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, learning over time for a more personalized experience. Other smart features include Surround light, Collision Detection, anti-theft GPS positioning, and Automatic Unlock.

Acer ebii Specifications

To have a look at some of the important numbers, the Acer ebii extends just over 1.5 metres in length and weighs 16 kg, including its the weight of its battery and mudguards. It is propelled by a single-sided 250W hub motor which is backed by a 460W removable lithium-ion battery. The combination is able to provide a 25 km/h assist speed for a range of up to 110 km on a single charge. It takes only 2.5 hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100 per cent. Acer has added an interesting functionality to the battery as well, wherein it can be removed and used as a battery pack for charging phones or laptops as well.

Acer ebii Features

As for the smart features on the ebii, Acer has equipped it with an 8×8 LED dot matrix HMI, puncture resistance tyres on both ends, a 160mm hydraulic disc brake, and surround lights on the front, the rear as well as the sides. Other features include an eLock, Find My Bike, Theft alert, Digital key and Auto Unlock, Ride dashboard, and navigation, as well as Activities tracking and achievements.