Bacancy Systems Manufactures India’s First Power Module for EV Chargers

Bacancy Systems are manufacturing 20,000 power module units annually in India

Bacancy Systems, an EV component manufacturer and supplier, announces the mass production of the Power Module dedicated to EV Chargers. Bacancy has become the first Indian company to build a power module tailored specifically for EV chargers, as per media sources.

In pursuit of self-sufficiency in the electric mobility sector, this inventive product marks a significant advancement in India. Bacancy’s 30-kW model will enhance efficiency, reduce energy wastage, and encourage eco-conscious charging practices.

Bacancy Systems is the first Indian company to build a power module for EV chargers. (Source: Bacancy Systems)
Power Module for EV chargers (Source: Bacancy Systems)

Here are a few specs to consider:

  • High Efficiency and Power Density: 

    Bacancy designed the power modules to minimize waste and maximize efficiency to ensure an eco-conscious charging process.

    Moreover, the module has an impressive power output despite its small size. It makes the module adaptable to different charging setups, ranging from residential to commercial applications.

  • Intelligent Air Cooling: 

    The module scatters heat effectively with its intelligent air-cooling technology, which ensures consistent performance even in challenging conditions.

  • Flexible Operation Modes: 

    Users have the flexibility to switch between normal and silent operation modes. It caters to several preferences and settings while guaranteeing a comfortable charging experience.

  • Compatibility: 

    The best part of the module is that it supports a wide variety of EV charger controllers. Further, it effortlessly integrates into existing charging infrastructure, housing several voltage requirements and charging situations.

  • User-Friendly Operation and Reliable Performance: 

    Users can seamlessly change settings and examine charging progress with an intuitive interface.

    Also, Bacancy engineered its latest power module for reliability and longevity. It ensures that users get consistent and efficient charging performance.

Bacancy Systems CEO and Co-Founder Hardik Sheth said:

At Bacancy Systems, we’re driven by a vision for a cleaner future. Our power module represents a leap forward in EV technology, offering unmatched performance and user convenience. We’re proud to be manufacturing 20,000 units annually right here in India, contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Bacancy Systems aims to broaden its presence in the EV sector in different ways. That includes increased investment in R&D, partnerships with research institutions and universities, and the adoption of sustainable manufacturing methods.

Bacancy HQ at Ahmedabad (Source: Bacancy Systems)
(Source: Bacancy Systems)

About Bacancy Systems:

Bacancy Systems is a top manufacturer and supplier of electric mobility components from Ahmedabad. The company intends to advance sustainable transportation through inventive solutions and superior performance. 

With a commitment to providing top-tier products and outstanding support, Bacancy Systems is at the forefront of transforming the electric vehicle landscape, shaping tomorrow’s mobility through continuous innovation.