At BEL, Diesel Cars A Thing Of The Past As EV’s Take Charge

BEL deployed 32 EV to replace diesel powered cars and became 1st Bangalore PSU to do so

The recently concluded World Environment Day was a major celebration to uphold the values and sanctity of the environment, currently corrupted by major maladies such as air pollution and rising vehicular pollution.

And yet, at the same time, it was also a day that marked some major new beginnings around the world for some of the leading corporations.

Take BEL in India for example that came out , in no uncertain terms, with a bold new step that is purely aimed at alleviating some of the ongoing environmental issues in the region and the country. So the big question is, what did BEL in Karnataka initiate in the wake of the World Environment Day and how is it connected to the realm of electric vehicles?

Bharat Electronics Limited, also known as BEL decided to replace all its existing diesel-powered vehicles with that of the electric ones, a positive decision that created interesting waves and found significant reception in the Indian media.

BEL decided to deploy the noted Tata Xpress-T electric vehicles. (Source: Tata Motors)
Tata Xpress-T EV charging (Source: Tata Motors)

Here is exactly what happened:

No fewer than 32 electric cars replaced the diesel-powered vehicles that had been in usage as on date. Having said that, the fleet of electric vehicles that came into effect from the onset of June 5, 2024 were sourced from a travel agency in the region and happen to be from the stable of one of the country’s most widely-respected auto giants.

BEL decided to deploy the noted Tata Xpress-T electric vehicles. Up until this point, BEL had been using Toyota’s diesel-vehicles (sedans) at its company office in Karnataka.

Having said that, it is important to note that the electric vehicles shall be used by a plethora of official employees and servicemen of the rank of executive directors, chief technical officers as well as general managers (at BEL).

The brand-new fleet of EV’s were received by the revered PSU’s transport and engineering services divisions.