BYD Reveals Three New Electric Models for its Off-road Fangchengbao Lineup

BYD has introduced a hybrid SUV and a sports car under its Yangwang brand

BYD has introduced three new models, comprising two concept cars, as part of its premium Fangchengbao brand. The Chinese EV giant aims to expand its presence into higher-priced market segments.

During a live-streamed event on Tuesday night, the EV maker unveiled the Bao 8 SUV, Super 3 concept crossover, and Super 9 concept sports car. The company will exhibit them at the Beijing auto show, scheduled to commence late next week.

However, BYD didn’t provide information regarding the price or the car’s release dates.

BYD developed Dual Mode Off-Road for Fangchengbao lineup to enhance off-road experiences. (Source: BYD)

Fangchengbao Off-Road Lineup

Dual Mode Off-Road (DMO), a plug-in hybrid system, is prominent in most of the Fangchengbao lineup. During the event, Lian Yubo, the chief scientist, explained that BYD developed it to enhance off-road experiences with improved fuel efficiency and increased horsepower.

The Bao 8 is the flagship model of the Fangchengbao lineup. According to Xiong Tianbo, Fangchengbao Sales GM, the car might launch in the second half of this year.

Regarding its features, the SUV follows the prevalent through-type light strip design on its front end. The car’s hood features two raised lines. Meanwhile, a mesh structure beneath the front end ensures stable and reliable docking and locking.

As for its powertrain, the car features an off-road-specific hybrid architecture that incorporates the DM-o hybrid system. Additionally, Bao 8 will feature the DiSus-P intelligent vehicle body control system, enhancing its ability to navigate through extreme water crossings.

Toyota Land Cruiser, Stellantis Jeep, and Tata Motors’ Jaguar Land Rover have dominated the off-road vehicle segment for years. But now, BYD will challenge them with its electric vehicles.

With top speed of 309.19 km/h, U9 can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.36 seconds. (Source: BYD)

BYD’s Strategic Branding

BYD highlighted the Super 9 sports car’s sleek design, guided by head designer Wolfgang Josef Egger. In addition, Egger brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at renowned European luxury car brands, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, and Lamborghini.

Late last year, BYD introduced Fangchengbao as one of its three brands for premium vehicles. The remaining two brands in BYD’s lineup include Denza and Yangwang.

Moreover, the Chinese EV giant introduced a hybrid SUV and a sports car under the Yangwang brand. Notably, the hybrid SUV U8 comes with a price tag of 1.08 million yuan (approx. ₹ 1.23 crore), and the U9 costs 1.68 million Yuan (approx. ₹2 crore).

BYD reported delivering nearly 20,000 units of the Bao 5, the first model of the Fangchengbao brand. Moreover, delivery of this plug-in hybrid SUV, starting at 289,900 yuan (approx. 34 lakhs), began in November 2023.