Dodge Unveils Charger Daytona EV as World’s First Electric Muscle Car

Dodge claims the Charger Daytona to be the quickest and most powerful muscle car

Dodge unveiled its first-ever all-electric muscle car – the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona, on Tuesday in Detroit. The new muscle EV has similar performance specs as the Hellcat Redeye, making it the “quickest and most powerful muscle car,” according to Dodge.

Along with the all-electric muscle car, the American automaker giant revealed the next-generation gas-powered muscle. 

The fate of the Charger Daytona – first launched in the 1960s, has been hanging since late 2022 when Dodge said it could cease the production of the Charger and Challenger by the end of 2023. 

At the time, the company claimed an EV would replace both models and refused to make any comment regarding the gas-power variant. 

But on Tuesday, Dodge revealed that it will offer two -and four-door EV variants and internal combustion engine models, replacing the four-door Dodge Charger and two-door Challenger.

Dodge 2 door Charger Daytona EV to launch later this year. (Source: Stellantis)

Why EV and an Internal Combustion vehicle? 

In recent years, most car brands focused on EVs and more fuel-efficient engines, while Dodge rolled out high-performance vehicles. 

Even though the Dodge got the spotlight, it didn’t help its carbon footprint, forcing them to buy carbon credit from automakers like Tesla.

With Stellantis, Dodge’s parent company, “Dare Forward 2030” plan, the company will step towards electrified and efficient propulsion systems. It will help the American automaker cut its global carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and lead the vehicle industry by attaining net carbon zero by 2038.

In an event in 2021 by Stellantis, Dodge CEO – Tim Kuniskis claimed that Dodge would not “sell electric cars — it will sell eMuscle.” 

However, the company’s decision to go with the gas-powered version could be sales of all-electric cars, which have been growing more slowly than expected.

Four-door EV will release in the first quarter of 2025. (Source: Stellantis)

Power in the New Dodge Charger

The EV Charger will have two 400-volt trims:

  • Scat Pack will put out 670 Horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, accelerating from 0-60 in 3.3s and doing a quarter mile in 11.5s with a top speed of 134. Dodge claims it will be the quickest and most powerful muscle car out there.
  • R/T Pack will offer 496hp and 404lb-ft torque with 0–60mph in 4.7 seconds. Surprisingly, the top speed of this trim is more than the Scat Pack variant – 137mph.

Charger Daytona will come with a feature (standard on these models) called “Power Shot,” which will deliver an additional 40hp for 15 seconds after activation. 

On the other hand, there will be two gas-powered models: 

  • The standard output version, 4-door, putting out 420 horsepower, Sipack S.O. 
  • The high-output version, 2-door, offering 550hp, Sixpack H.O. 

Range in the Dodge Charger Daytona

According to Dodge, the Scat trim will deliver up to 260 miles of range on a single charge. On the other hand, the R/T will offer an impressive 317 miles of range. 

Both the trim will come with 93.9kWh battery packs, which could go from 5-80% in 32min on a 350kW DC fast charger. 

Dodge Charger Daytona price is yet to be announced.

Release Date and Pricing of the new Charger

Dodge will first roll out the two-door Charger Daytona EVs in mid-2024. After that, the company will release the four-door EV and the gas variants in the first quarter of 2025. 

Dodge has not announced the pricing for the EV and gas-powered models yet. However, we can expect price jumps from the outgoing models, especially for the EV version.