Bengaluru Airport Introduces 175 Electric Airport Taxis from Refex Group

Electric airport taxis' minimum charge will be Rs 100 for the initial four km and Rs 24 for each additional km

On Wednesday, in observance of World Environment Day, Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) made a significant step toward sustainability. It unveiled a brand-new fleet of electric vehicle (EV) airport taxis from Refex eVeelz, a division of Refex Group.

Passengers have two options for booking rides: either the BLR Pulse mobile application or the taxi booths inside the terminals. As per media reports, the first 4 km will cost Rs 100, and each extra km will cost Rs 24.

175 electric airport taxis are available in teal and pink (Source: BLR Airport)
(Source: BLR Airport)

About the New EV Fleet

There are 175 small SUVs (Tata Nexon EV) in the new EV fleet, which is available in teal and pink. The color teal represents the airport’s proclaimed dedication to sustainability. On the other hand, the pink airport taxis are reserved for female passengers and driven by women.

Moreover, passengers will be given free ‘Pink Cards’ with emergency numbers for the duty manager, local police, and ambulance services.

By having more than half of its fleet run on electric power, BLR Airport hopes to significantly cut carbon emissions and promote a cleaner environment that will benefit not only the airport and the surrounding areas.

BLR Airport's environmental commitment goes beyond sustainable mobility (Source: BLR Airport)

Environmental Commitment

The dedication of BLR Airport to environmental conservation goes beyond sustainable transportation. In commemoration of World Environment Day, the BLR Airport planted one hundred trees on its property. It shows their commitment to preserving and restoring the environment by establishing green areas.

According to Hari Marar, Managing Director and CEO of BIAL, the EV taxi fleet and the tree-planting initiative are crucial. It will help lower carbon emissions and improve green areas inside the airport.

Refex Group Managing Director Anil Jain stated that the company’s Green Mobility division used its 100% company-owned and -leased electric vehicle fleet to provide dependable, secure, and environmentally friendly travel options.

The pink airport taxis are reserved for female passengers and driven by women (Source: BLR Airport)
(Source: BLR Airport)

Wrapping Up

BIAL successfully deployed semi-robotic aircraft towing vehicles and EV cars on the airside and landside. However, it will stick to its long-term goal of converting all vehicles at BLR Airport to sustainable solutions.

In addition to putting passengers’ well-being first, such initiatives support more general environmental objectives and promote a greener future for everyone.