Bharat Petroleum and Bounce Infinity Team Up to Introduce eDrive Stores

The partnership helps BPCL join the EV movement, with Bounce Infinity assisting in marketing, managing stock, and training

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), one of the leading oil and gas companies in India, has collaborated with Bounce Infinity. They aim to introduce eDrive stores at BPCL retail outlets nationwide to promote the use of electric vehicles.

Moreover, these eDrive stores will be hubs at BPCL stations where customers can buy electric two-wheelers from various brands.

Either Bounce Infinity or BPCL’s dealers will manage the eDrive stores
Source: Bounce Inifity

eDrive Store Management

Either the Gurugram-based EV startup Bounce Infinity or BPCL’s dealers will manage the stores. Their goal will be to ensure that customers have a smooth experience. Notably, each store will have charging stations, making it easy for customers to charge their vehicles there.

Also, this launch gives BPCL dealers a chance to join the EV movement, with the EV startup providing help in marketing, managing stock, and training.

Interestingly, each BPCL location will showcase only one brand. That means Bounce Infinity or another brand will have an exclusive presence at each outlet.

BPCL fuel stations to turn into energy centres.
Source: Bharat Petroleum

Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships

The aim of this partnership is to turn BPCL’s fuel stations into energy centres. Pardeep Goyal, who leads BPCL’s retail business, highlighted that this initiative is part of the company’s overall strategy to promote sustainability and meet changing customer needs.

Pardeep Goyal said:

“At BPCL, we are continually advancing our services to support the nation’s sustainability goals. Partnering with Bounce Infinity is an integral part of our strategy to transform our fuel stations into versatile energy hubs.”

Bounce Infinity will try to leverage BPCL network. (Source: Bounce Infinity)

BPCL has an extensive network of retail outlets, and Bounce Infinity will try to leverage it. The goal will be to make it easy for customers to buy electric scooters.

Vivekananda Hallekare, CEO and Co-founder of Bounce Infinity, said:

“The flexible operation model of eDrive stores ensures consistent adherence to the highest quality standards and operational efficiency across all locations.”

If we talk about the financial backing of Bounce Infinity, they have the support from prominent investors. It includes notable financiers like Peak XV Partners, InnoVen Capital, B Capital, Chiratae Ventures, Maverick Ventures, Brun Raschle, and Omidyar Network.