First-Ever Ferrari Electric Vehicle Spotted Testing in Maranello, Italy

New Ferrari electric vehicle will be produced at a new facility, with an estimated price tag over $500,000

The Italian luxury sports carmaker Ferrari is preparing to unveil its first electric vehicle. Some fans might find it surprising, but the Italian auto giant must adapt to the times and manufacture EVs.

As per several media reports, the automaker will officially reveal the car next year. Moreover, the electric car will be available for purchase in 2026.

Recently, Ferrari has begun road testing its first electric vehicle. A test prototype was seen near Maranello, although it will look quite different from the final version.

The company plans to produce the upcoming electric car at a new facility, with an estimated price tag exceeding $500,000.

Ferrari's First-Ever EV to make authentic noise (Source: Ferrari)
Ferrari’s First-Ever EV to make authentic noise (Source: Ferrari)

Details of Ferrari EV Test Mule

Although it appears as a large hatchback, the test mule for the Ferrari EV is based on the bodyshell of a Maserati Levante SUV.

It has fake quad exhausts, a uniquely styled rear bumper, and larger wheels compared to the standard Levante. Other automakers, like Porsche with the electric Boxster, also use fake exhausts on their EV prototypes.

The car features headlights from the Ferrari Roma, a lowered suspension, and a wider track covered by plastic extensions. Also, the front grille of the test mule is blocked off.

Ferrari will manufacture the upcoming EV at a newly built facility in Maranello
Source: Ferrari

Launch of First Ferrari Electric Vehicle?

Ferrari plans to reveal its first electric vehicle in 2025. A Reuters report suggests the EV could have a price tag of $500,000 (approx. ₹4.17 crore), excluding additional features. However, CEO Benedetto Vigna declined to confirm the report. The car will compete with the Lamborghini Lanzador, an electric SUV expected to debut by 2028.

According to the leaked patents, the EV will feature two seats and electric motors on its four wheels. Moreover, there are reports that Ferrari is actively developing a second electric vehicle.

As mentioned earlier, the Italian auto giant will manufacture the upcoming EV at a newly built facility in Maranello. Interestingly, this factory will produce electric vehicles, hybrids, and cars with internal combustion engines (ICE).

These new production capabilities might increase Ferrari’s yearly production to around 20,000 units.