Italian Brand VLF to Enter India with Electric Scooter Tennis: Reports

VLF to introduce Tennis electric scooter in India: two models (1500W with 60km range and 4000W with 100km range)

Velocifero (VLF), an Italian electric scooter manufacturer, has revealed plans to debut in India. In its press release, the company announced setting up a local production facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Moreover, the company will collaborate with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt. Ltd., responsible for manufacturing and distributing its range of electric two-wheelers. VLF aims to introduce its first product in India before the festive season (Aug-Sept), starting with the Tennis e-scooter.

Also, the company intends to establish a widespread dealership network throughout India, targeting major urban centers and smaller cities. According to the release, the automaker aims to have 15 dealerships operational by 2024. Moreover, it plans to increase this number to 50 by the end of the fiscal year.

The Italian automaker is preparing for a marketing campaign to enter the Indian market during the 2024 festive season. For this, VLF will conduct road shows and participate in automotive exhibitions to build brand recognition.

Tennis electric scooter is available in two versions, both offering two interchangeable Lithium batteries, each rated at 84V.
Source: Velocifero

Tennis Electric Scooter Overview

Globally, the Tennis electric scooter is available in two versions, both offering two interchangeable Lithium batteries, each rated at 84V.

  • The model equipped with a 1500W motor delivers a peak torque of 150 Nm. Also, it reaches a top speed of 45 kmph with a range of 60 km on a single charge. The Tennis 1500W is built on a sturdy steel frame and weighs 88 kg with the battery.
  • Meanwhile, the 4000W variant produces a maximum torque of 232 Nm and achieves a top speed of 100 kmph. Its batteries can cover 100 km on a single charge when driven at 40 kmph, with each battery requiring between five to six hours for a full recharge. In terms of kerb weight, the 4000W version is slightly heavier by 10 kg (98kg).

The e-scooter comes equipped with disc brakes, front telescopic hydraulic forks, and a rear hydraulic mono-shock absorber. Also, it features a 5.5-inch digital TFT display that shows the speedometer and allows the rider to select from three driving modes – Eco, Comfort, and Sport.

The 4000W variant of VFL electric scooter has a long range of 100km and it achieves a top speed of 100 kmph.
Long range electric scooter Tennis from Velocifero

Wrapping Up

In addition to electric models, VLF offers a gas-powered version of the Tennis scooter. It runs on a 125cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, reaching a maximum speed of 100 kmph and delivering around 11.9 bhp of power. While this variant is available globally, VLF has not yet disclosed plans to introduce it in India.