Mercedes-Benz to Target Youth with its Upcoming Feature-Packed EQA SUV

With 560km range and 190bhp, the EQA 250+ is to attract the younger audience of aged 28-33 years

Mercedes-Benz will reveal the pricing of the highly anticipated EQA in India on July 8, i.e. today. The SUV is an electric adaptation of the GLA, which starts at Rs 50.50 lakh (ex-showroom).

Globally, the EQA comes in four models: EQA 250, EQA 250+, EQA 300 4Matic, and EQA 350 4Matic. But in India, the Stuttgart-based company will only offer the EQA 250+ variant. The car will feature a 70.5 kWh battery pack optimized for long-range driving.

The EQA 250+ variant produces 190hp and boasts a claimed range of 560 km, as per the WLTP cycle. This is more than the 350 model, which offers 292hp and a range of 438km. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz states that a 30-minute charging would enable the vehicle to cover 400 km.

The Mercedes EQA SUV 250+ variant produces 190hp and boasts a claimed range of 560 km
Mercedes to announce EQA SUV price on July 8 (Source: Mercedes-Benz)

Target Customers

Interestingly, Mercedes Benz India will focus on younger customers in the country with its upcoming EQA SUV. The target demographic for the EQA is individuals aged between 28 and 33 years.

Since the company is targeting the youth, Mercedes-Benz will equip the EQA 250+ with numerous features tailored to appeal to this age group.

These include amenities like the branded Burmeister audio system, expansive ambient lighting, a color Head-Up Display (HUD), and augmented reality (AR) assisted navigation. The vehicle also includes a comprehensive connectivity package that allows for pre-cooling or pre-heating the car, along with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that includes autonomous parking capabilities.

Moreover, the company expects its new EV to attract double-income families with a combined annual income of around Rs 1 crore.

Santosh Iyer, Managing Director of Mercedes Benz India, said:

“There is a growing shift towards sustainability. EQA fits very well with consumers with an income of about Rs 1 crore. They are entering the luxury car segment for the first time; they would like to stand out with a green number plate and a Mercedes Benz badge.”

Source: Mercedes Benz

Financial Advantages for Prospective Buyers

Mercedes Benz Financial Services, its financial division, will provide EQA buyers with a guaranteed 67% buyback value after four years. However, this offer applies when buyers upgrade to a new Mercedes vehicle.

Furthermore, due to its reduced operational expenses, Mercedes Benz India asserts that first-time buyers will find the EQA, coupled with its Star Agility Finance plan, more appealing.

The company states that with its Star Agility Program, an EQA purchaser can save around Rs 80,000 annually compared to an equivalent model like the GLA.

Also, over four years, this amounts to savings of around Rs 2.4 lakhs, inclusive of depreciation benefits, based on an average down payment of Rs 14 lakh and monthly mileage of 2000 km.

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