EV Maker Zen Mobility Unveils Manufacturing Hub with 50,000-unit Capacity

Zen Mobility plant will operate in two shifts to fulfill the increased order book of 10,000 units

Zen Mobility, an emerging Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, inaugurated its cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Manesar, Gurgaon, as per press release. The modern facility aims to transform urban transportation by increasing production to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly micro-mobility solutions.

Located on a spacious 2.5-acre site, the new manufacturing plant reflects company’s commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. Additionally, it promises to generate employment opportunities for over 500 individuals. 

With a remarkable annual capacity of 50,000 units, the facility can manufacture and assemble Zen Micro Pods, the company’s primary electric vehicles designed for city commuters.

In addition to manufacturing, the plant accommodates advanced research and development facilities for design engineering and product planning. Moreover, it includes extensive testing capabilities such as roller testing and dyno testing, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for the products.

Mr Namit Jain, Founder and CEO of Zen Mobility, stated: 

The unveiling of our state-of-the-art facility underscores our dedication to delivering eco-friendly mobility solutions for the last-mile delivery space. With our order book increased to 10,000 units, the plant will be running in two shifts to deliver the orders in hand. 

The plant is also meticulously designed to accommodate the future production of Zen Maxi Pods, our upcoming multi-purpose 4-wheeler Light Electric Vehicles, intended for the delivery of cargo and mid to large-size goods. 

Zen Mobility cargo box solution (Source: Zen Mobility)
(Source: Zen Mobility)

Vision for Sustainable Transportation

One notable aspect of the new facility is its ability to provide comprehensive in-house customization for innovative cargo box solutions. It can cater to various needs like e-commerce, grocery delivery, FMCG logistics, cold chain management, pharmaceutical logistics, and more.

By integrating customization capabilities into its production process, the EV maker aims to meet urban logistics requirements and offer personalized solutions to its customers.

Zen Mobility has collaborated with prominent food, grocery delivery, and e-commerce companies to deploy vehicles in over 10 cities across India. This initiative will enhance earnings prospects for delivery personnel and facilitate efficient fleet management for e-commerce and fleet operators.

Dedicated to supporting India’s progress and achieving the nation’s net-zero target by 2070, Zen Mobility advocates for the transition to eco-friendly transportation. Additionally, it ensures adherence to industry standards, demonstrating its commitment to manufacturing excellence.

Furthermore, the company’s product distinguishes itself with its unique offerings, incorporating patented design and powertrain technologies. Anticipated trials for the Zen Maxi Pod will commence in Q4 FY25, with the official launch slated for FY26.

Zen Mobility's Electro Ride (source: Zen Mobility)
Zen Mobility’s Electro Ride (source: Zen Mobility)

About Zen Mobility

Zen Mobility is a unique Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in crafting customized and purpose-built electric vehicles. 

With designs from Germany and manufacturing operations based in India, the company aims to revolutionize contemporary transportation and logistics, targeting the Last Mile Delivery (LMD) sector.