Explosion of Electric Motorbike Battery in Thane Injures Three People

The roof and walls of a house collapsed from a battery explosion in Thane on Tuesday

In yet another case of an EV battery exploding, an electric motorbike battery explosion caused injuries to a man and two women on Tuesday. Civic officials stated that the incident occurred in a residence in Thane, Maharashtra.

The explosion on Tuesday night caused the roof of the house and the common wall of the neighbouring house to collapse. According to Yasin Tadvi, head of Thane Municipal Corporation’s disaster management cell, the resident kept the battery in their home in a chawl (row tenement) situated in the Shanti Nagar area of Kalwa.

As mentioned in a PTI report, the official stated that the battery exploded around 10:30 pm. However, the reason behind the explosion is still unclear.

Moreover, the official reported that the battery explosion injured a 28-year-old woman residing in the house. Additionally, a man aged 66 and a woman aged 56 residing in the neighbouring property suffered injuries.

Upon receiving an alert, local firefighters and the disaster management cell team rushed to the scene. The team took the three injured individuals to the civic-operated Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital in Kalwa. The official also mentioned that an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the explosion.

Other Battery Explosion Incident

Recently, a video circulating on social media showed an explosion occurring due to the ignition of an electric bike’s battery. Reportedly taking place in Surat, the resident recorded the video. The footage showed the gradual accumulation of smoke in the room where the resident was charging the battery.

The event ignited concerns regarding the potential risks posed by lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes. The cause of the explosion is still unclear. However, it has brought attention to the requirement for more stringent regulations and raising public awareness about the proper handling and storage of these batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries used in electric motorbikes are the primary reason behind e-bike fires. (Representative image: Unsplash)

Reasons Behind Electric Motorbike Fire Batteries

  • Batteries

    Lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in e-bikes, are one of the primary factors contributing to e-bike fires. Their high flammability makes these batteries prone to quick overheating, leading to significant damage to the bike.

    The excessive overheating of electric bike batteries can also cause fires. Notably, lithium batteries tend to raise pressure, which results in electrode explosions at high temperatures.

    • Manufacturer Defects

    Faulty components used in the production of e-bikes can also be a factor. Moreover, the chances of e-bike fires may increase due to incorrect wiring or incomplete components within the system.

    • Other Factors

    Occasionally, e-bike battery fires can result from external factors beyond your control. For example, prolonged exposure of your e-bike to sunlight can result in overheating, potentially leading to fires.

    Tips for Preventing Electric Motorbike Fires:

    • Always buy an e-bike and its components from a well-known and reputable manufacturer.
    • Make sure to ask your manufacturer for warranty coverage.
    • Avoid covering your e-bike battery while charging
    • Only charge your e-bikes at government-approved charging stations.
    • Do not leave your e-bikes charging for extended periods or overnight.
    • Whenever possible, park your e-bike under the shade.
    • Refrain from plugging in your e-bike for charging if it is wet.

    The decision to invest in an electric motorbike shows a commitment to supporting a sustainable ecosystem. But it’s essential to know the reasons and outcomes of e-bike fire accidents and be prepared with prevention measures.