Force Motors Debuts Eco-friendly Traveller Electric at Bharat Mobility Expo

Force Motors introduces eco-friendly Traveller Electric, addressing last-mile connectivity, sustainability, and urban mobility at Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

Force Motors, an early champion of the Indian automobile industry, demonstrated its commitment to sustainable urban mobility at the Bharat Mobility Expo 2024. The company displayed the Traveller Electric, Urbania Diesel, and Traveller CNG at the event. Traveller Electric, in particular, stands out as a solution to last-mile connection issues, in line with India’s electric mobility and ‘Make in India’ agenda.

Image - Force Motors

The Traveller Electric is precisely developed to address urban commuting difficulties, with a focus on sustainability and in line with India’s growing demand for environmentally friendly transportation. This zero-emission small electric smart city bus is designed for last-mile connection and has a monocoque structure to improve the overall riding experience.

With a low floor height, the Traveller Electric allows for easy boarding and disembarking, boosting stability and ideal riding and handling qualities. Force Motors hopes to contribute to a more efficient urban transportation scenario by providing this unique solution.

Image - Force Motors

Mr. Prasan Firodia, Force Motors’ Managing Director, confirmed the company’s commitment to meeting India’s increasing transportation demands. He highlighted their compatibility with the Indian government’s goal of Safe, Adequate, and Holistic Infrastructure (SAHI), as well as the potential role of their urban mobility solutions in decongesting roadways.

Firodia expressed the company’s aim, saying, “Force Motors was founded to provide affordable commercial transportation for the masses by harnessing the best available technology.” The three cars displayed at the exhibition represent the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and performance.

Image - Force Motors

The Traveller Electric, with its efficient electric propulsion system, is positioned as a solution to congested highways, particularly in large urban areas. Force Motors anticipates these cars improving connection from public transit stops, resulting in a safer and more accessible urban infrastructure.