From December, Mumbai Will Have Electric Boat Rides on THIS route

Starting December 2023, Electric water taxis will serve commuters travelling from Belapur to the Gateway of India and back

In December 2023, Mumbai will launch electric water taxi services on the Gateway of India to Belapur route. Commuters travelling between South Mumbai and Navi Mumbai will benefit from this electric boat-powered eco-friendly and sustainable initiative.

Infinity Harbour Service, a private firm, will provide the aforementioned electric water taxi service. Four electric boats, each with a capacity of 24 passengers, have been acquired for the same. A trial run is being conducted in Goa and Kochi before the boats are deployed in Mumbai for the service. 

These electric water taxis can go up to 12 nautical miles per hour, covering the distance between both destinations in an hour. According to Sohel Kazani, Managing Partner of Infinity Harbour Service, the 24-seater water taxi would be primarily used on the route connecting Belapur and the Gateway of India. In addition, two 6-seater taxis are now being tested in Kochi.

According to a media report, electric water taxis can run for up to four hours on a single charge. This contrasts with the present diesel water taxis, which require 140 litres of fuel every hour.

Infinity Harbour Service is the private water taxi operator designated to operate on this route. They purchased four boats for approximately Rs. 2.5 crore each.  Currently, this company offers services connecting the following routes: Gateway of India to Mandwa, JNPT to Belapur, JNPT to Elephanta, Nerul to Elephanta, Nerul to JNPT, Belapur to Harbour Cruise, Belapur to Elephanta Caves, Belapur to JNPT, and Belapur to Nerul.

Mumbai’s transition toward becoming a more ecologically friendly and sustainable city will be bolstered with the introduction of these electric water taxis. These new services should reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and promote greener transportation while in service.