Over 300Km in 5 Minutes: Google-backed Startup Begins Fastest EV Charging in US

Gravity Mobility claims its EV charging stations are even faster than those of Tesla

Imagine you are driving an electric vehicle and suddenly get the low-battery notification. Well, now you have the hectic job of finding a nearby EV charging station and waiting at least half an hour to charge your electric vehicle.

But what if we told you that your car can get up to 200 miles (321km) of range in just 5 minutes of charging? That sounds impressive.

Gravity Mobility, a New York-based startup specializing in EV infrastructure, has opened its flagship Midtown Manhattan EV charging station at 401 West 42nd Street, in partnership with Related Companies, to the public. The station has 24 500kW EV charger systems, claimed to be the fastest available in the country.

Gravity’s equipment can charge at a rate of 2,400 miles per hour, which means you can get 200 miles of range in your car in just 5 minutes. What’s impressive is that no utility upgrades were done to the building or surrounding grid. That means installing the same setup in other parking sites in the US is simple and easy.

More Details About the Charging Station

  • Charging is accessible every day of the week, with on-site attendants
  • Charging speed is 90 times faster than the average “Level 2” chargers installed in most garages.
  • 24 charging stalls, with plans to introduce more
  • Hassle-free plug-in and charging, with automatic authentication for all vehicle types and no interface necessary.
  • Instant tap-and-go payment for on-the-spot charging without requiring an appointment.
  • Extended parking space is available after charging.

How did Gravity accomplish such a remarkable feat?

Gravity Inc. is an emerging startup focusing on sustainable fleet solutions and the infrastructure essential for their operations. The startup looks to combine top-notch mobility equipment with software integration and customer interfaces to enhance support for both drivers and passengers.

In 2021, Gravity Mobility introduced a fleet of all-electric Mustang Mach-E yellow cabs, expanding services across New York City. Moreover, the company collaborated with building owners and parking operators to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure, not just for their EV taxis but also for EV owners and large EV fleets.

In order to support its new all-electric yellow taxi fleet, Gravity Mobility planned to open the “only true fast-charging site in Manhattan”. In October 2023, the startup launched a set of 500kW EV chargers, setting a new benchmark for non-trucking capabilities.

Google Ventures (GV) showed interest in this technology, which led to a successful seed funding round of an undisclosed amount last November. With such financial backing, Gravity Mobility started the deployment of numerous UL-listed EV chargers across the US, providing the fastest charging speeds to the public starting today.

Gravity Mobility’s CEO, Moshe Cohen, claims that their technology is superior to competitors, including Tesla, highlighting the company’s plans to rapidly expand its charging infrastructure across the United States.

As Gravity Mobility unveils America’s fastest EV charging station in New York City, it is evident that we are on the brink of a new era in electric transportation.