Hero MotoCorp to Accelerate Electrification with Three New Electric Two-Wheelers

Hero MotoCorp will launch 3 new electric models in 2024

Hero MotoCorp, India’s top two-wheeler manufacturer, plans to make substantial gains in its electrification journey by launching three new electric two-wheelers within the next year. Niranjan Gupta, the company’s CEO, presented the proposal during the Hero World 2024 event. To satisfy rising motorcycle demand, Hero MotoCorp is also raising production capacity to 10,000 units per month, with an emphasis on the performance bike sector.

Niranjan Gupta detailed the company’s electric plan, noting that in fiscal year 2025, Hero MotoCorp will sell electric scooters in both the mid-price and economy categories, extending its Vida line. Furthermore, the business plans to enter the last-mile delivery market with another electric two-wheeler. Niranjan Gupta noted India’s growing electric vehicle (EV) industry and hinted at employing technologies developed via its relationship with Zero Bikes for future mass-market electric bikes.

To increase EV sales, Hero MotoCorp is increasing the availability of its Vida line to 100 cities, with plans to add 100 more in the following year. The business will also open Vida-exclusive small boutiques to increase its reach in the EV industry.

During this electrification push, Hero MotoCorp launched its new performance bike, the MAVERICK 440, which is intended to compete in the luxury segment currently prevailed by Royal Enfield. The firm has seen a boom in demand, with manufacturing hitting 6,000 units per month and expected to rise to 10,000 by March. The newly announced HD440X, offered under the Harley Davidson brand, has sparked strong interest, with early orders reaching 25,000 units and a further 5,000 added to the order book.