Hyundai Creta EV noticed with fake exhaust in South Korea

Hyundai Creta EV may soon be a reality, as the new spy shots suggest

The much-anticipated Hyundai Creta EV, which was recently discovered testing in South Korea, promises to be a game-changer in the world of electric SUVs. The Creta EV, which will compete with the Tata Curvv EV, Mahindra XUV.e8, and Honda Elevate EV, intends to revolutionize the market. This electric version represents Hyundai’s gradual stride towards sustainable mobility, with different design features distinguishing it from its ICE cousin.

Recent spy shots of the Creta EV indicate slight but substantial differences from the ICE model. Notably, the test mule featured a distinct front-end design with four LED daytime running lights, in contrast to the Tucson-inspired appearance of the forthcoming ICE model. Hyundai’s thorough disguise included a fake exhaust, revealing that the EV’s actual identity was concealed throughout testing.

Image- autospy

Although exact technical specs are yet to be revealed, the Creta EV is projected to provide performance statistics comparable to its competitors. The predicted range, charging capabilities, and power output are key factors fueling the enthusiasm surrounding this next electric SUV.

The first look at the Hyundai Creta EV suggests a bright future for electric SUV fans. The spy photographs illustrate the various design cues between the EV and ICE variants, which piques interest in what’s under the hood. While technical specifications are yet to be revealed, the Creta EV’s location alongside tough rivals like the Tata Curvv EV, Mahindra XUV.e8, and Honda Elevate EV foreshadows fierce rivalry in India’s expanding electric vehicle industry. Hyundai’s commitment to concealing the EV’s identity throughout testing highlights the excitement and enthusiasm around this eco-friendly marvel, which is ready to revolutionize the country’s electric SUV scene.