Hyundai Motor Installs First 180 kW DC Fast Charging Station in Chennai

The new Hyundai Motor Fast EV charging station will feature both 150 kW and 30 kW connectors

On Monday, the Korean automaker Hyundai Motor India Limited revealed the opening of its fast electric vehicle (EV) charging station.

The demand for electric cars is increasing as automakers are introducing different categories of EVs to the market. This surge has led to the establishment of EV charging stations nationwide.

Hyundai Motor aims to deploy 100 more fast charging stations (Source: Hyundai India)
(Source: Hyundai India)

About the New Fast Charging Station

The location of the EV charging station is Spencer Plaza Mall, situated on Anna Salai, Thousand Lights, Tamil Nadu. Within the station, there are DC fast charging guns available, with capacities of 150 kW and 30 kW.

The newly launched EV charging facility stands out for 180 kW DC fast charging, making it the first of its kind. Additionally, the Korean automaker intends to deploy 100 more fast charging stations along highways and urban centers throughout Tamil Nadu.

Also, the manufacturer disclosed that the new charging facility is not only for Hyundai owners. Notably, it is open for use by other EV owners with compatible charging ports as well.

As per multiple media reports, Jae Wan Ryu, the Executive Director of Corporate Planning at HMIL, discussed the installation of the new EV charging station in Chennai. He said:

Tamil Nadu is home to Hyundai Motor India Limited, and we have been committed to Tamil Nadu since our inception.

As we celebrate 28 years of HMIL in India, we are delighted to inaugurate our first-ever 180 kW fast public charging station in Chennai.

myHyundai app maps over 170 charging points available in Tamil Nadu (source: Hyundai India)

Seamless Charging Experience with myHyundaiApp

The Charger Management System, integrated into the EV charging station, allows users to access it through myHyundai app. It provides them with convenient features such as locating, navigating, and pre-booking charging slots. Furthermore, the app enables users to make digital payments while remotely monitoring their charging status.

The “EV Charge” section of the myHyundai app maps over 170 charging points available in Tamil Nadu for customer convenience. This is in addition to the fast public charging station. According to the release, Hyundai and non-Hyundai EV users can access this app.

Currently, Hyundai Motor has two EV cars in its lineup, including the Kona and the Ioniq5 SUV. Recent reports suggest that the carmaker intends to introduce the Creta EV apart from setting up EV infrastructure.