In Future Toyota EV, You Can Download And Use New Exhaust Sounds

You may be able to download and use different engine sounds with the upcoming Toyota FT-Se Concept EV

With the help of TopGear, we get to know that Toyota has recently rolled out a teaser where they have shared that customers can download various engine exhaust sounds of their EV. This feature has been showcased on the Toyota FT-Se Concept. In the next-age electric car, you can play with the exhaust sound and the power output. Toyota has also mentioned that you can download new driving dynamics for the EV. With this, it can be speculated how crazy this rear-wheel drive Sports EV can be. 

The exhaust note downloadable feature on the FT-Se Concept seems truly an enthusiast stuff. With the symphony of your choice, you can not only give peace to your ears but also you can change the way your FT-Se Concept handles, no car company has come up with this idea and as an idea it seems so fine. But this being a concept, it should be noted that R&D for the EV is still going on. Though exciting, it definitely would be a tough idea to implement on any car.

Certain reasons can be an obstacle to the development of this technology. Since the chassis of a car is made according to the available power, torque and handling, making a unique one that can offer changing figures of these characteristics is something unheard of. So, it can be a little difficult to implement these ideas, but not entirely impossible. 

Speaking to TopGear, chief engineer Fumihiko Hazama said it would use an all-wheel drive EV powertrain but with a rear bias as “many customers want to drift.” Simon Humphries, Toyota’s chief branding officer also added that “every GR (Gazoo Racing) product has to stimulate all the senses. It can’t just be fun to go in a straight line. It needs to make you smile in the corners too. And it should reward people who are prepared to hone their skills and take more control. Mastering quick manual shifting with a smooth clutch action always used to feel good, so why shouldn’t it be the case with an EV?”