Incharz and 3ECO Signs MoU for Exclusive EV Charging Station Development

Incharz EV charging stations will be capable of charging about 200-300 EV cargo vehicles per day

Incharz, an EV charge point operator, and 3ECO, a leading manufacturer of L-3 and L-5 cargo vehicles and an EV cargo fleet operator, have signed a MoU. The aim of this collaboration is to develop exclusive EV charging stations for 3ECO’s entire fleet across India.

Incharz will strategically position a nationwide network of EV charging infrastructure to fulfil charging needs of 3ECO’s fleet. Moreover, the EV charging stations will cater to the charging of 200-300 EV cargo vehicles on a daily basis. In a press release, the company announced that Incharz aims to charge 1000 3ECO cargo vehicles by the end of 2024.

Incharz will set up EV charging stations at fleet hubs provided by 3ECO. Moreover, it will design, install, operate, and maintain electric vehicle charging stations at several locations across India.

The stations will enable efficient charging with the use of advanced technology. Additionally, by supporting multiple charging standards and being compatible with various electric vehicle models, they will guarantee accessibility and convenience for all capacities.

Incharz will set up EV charging stations at fleet hubs provided by 3ECO (Representative Image: Vecteezy)
(Representative Image: Vecteezy)

Neeraj Gupta, AVP Operations, Incharz, said:

Our collaboration with 3ECO underscores our dedication to advancing innovation and sustainability. Their ambitious plans in the realm of electric mobility further solidify this commitment.

This partnership also signifies our strategic pivot towards extending our reach across all major cities in India, establishing a resilient network.

We aim to explore opportunities and create synergies with bus operators and large fleet operators. Additionally, we’re focused on facilitating infrastructure for truck charging along highways to reinforce our position as a key player in electrifying transportation infrastructure.

Incharz, a brand under Servotech EV Infra Pvt. Ltd., offers comprehensive EV charging services and operates as a subsidiary of Servotech Power Systems Ltd. It will play a major role in accelerating EV adoption, promoting eco-friendly transportation, and actively contributing to a sustainable future.