Indian EV Firm Unveils Super Cool Electric Bike at EICMA 2023

Ultraviolette's F99 looks like a game changer in the electric bike world

Ultraviolette Automotive, a Bangalore-based electric vehicle start-up, has taken a huge step forward in its target of global electric bike dominance. The company has unveiled the F99 Factory Racing Platform at EICMA 2023. A fully-faired all-electric bike, the new F99 looks super rad and gives any electric mean machine on two wheels a run for its money.

As for its build, the F99 features a carbon fiber structure that weighs a total of 178 kg and has active aerodynamics, including an air windscreen and cowl ducts. These special components guide airflow to optimize the rider’s experience while lowering drag. An additional Air-Blade increases downforce while cornering by adjusting to lean angles. There are also winglets in the front and rear to further improve aerodynamic efficiency.

As for the performance specifications, the liquid-cooled electric motor has a peak output of 120 BHP. The F99 impresses with a drag coefficient of 0.45, a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3 seconds, and a peak speed of 265 km/h.

Ultraviolette F99 electric race bike

With its enhanced aerodynamics and strong performance figures, the F99 surely establishes itself as a competitive challenger. As the global debut date approaches in 2025, the F99 Factory Racing Platform represents a significant advancement in the area of electric bikes, more so for an electric vehicle manufacturer in India.