Kia Electric Cars- EV9, Carens EV Set to Debut in India Starting This Year

Kia is also likely to bring a mass market EV to India within the next year

Kia is all set to expand its presence in the Indian EV market by introducing two new electric cars by next year. The South Korean auto giant will be introducing its flagship EV9 electric SUV later this year and will debut an all-electric version of the Kia Carens by 2025.

The development has been confirmed by Ho Sung Song, Kia president and CEO, at the company’s Investor Day 2024 held recently. As per Song, the two new EV models will meet diverse demands in emerging EV markets like India. While the Carens EV will cater to the mass electric car market, the EV9 will let the company present its flagship product in the country.

Song further shared the company’s plans, saying “The goal for 2026 is to achieve sales of 5,87,000 units of mass EV models, with the aim of accounting for 66 per cent of total EV sales.” For this, the company will be relying on its EVs based on ICE models to reduce the risk in case the EV adoption does not pick up in its international markets. “While short-term concerns about EV demand slowdown may exist, in the long-term, EV demand is expected to continue to grow considering the global CO2 reduction regulations and the downward trend of EV prices,” Song confirmed.

Kia’s EV Plans

Kia has aggressive plans for its electric vehicle lineup, including the introduction of 15 new EV models by 2027. These shall include the already launched EV6, as well as the upcoming EV9, EV3 and subsequent EV2, EV4 and EV5 models. Alongside, we can expect to see electrified versions of ICE vehicles like the Kia Carens as well as the Kia Clavis.

It is unclear as to how many of these models will be introduced in India in the time to come. Though with Kia ready to debut its flagship EV9 electric SUV in the country later this year, we can expect other models to follow its way to the Indian market periodically. Which of these are actually able to make a mark in the Indian EV market, only time will tell.