Kia’s Electrifying Future in India: 8 New EV Models Trademarked

With 8 new EVs in the lineup, Kia will reveal more details on its upcoming EVs on October 12

In a move that proves Kia’s commitment to the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market, the automaker has reserved trademarks for eight new electric models, going from EV1 to EV9. This advancement comes straight ahead of Kia’s eagerly awaited EV Day on October 12, where more insights regarding these models are supposed to be disclosed.

The reserved trademarks begin with the EV1 and go up to the lead model, the EV9. Interestingly, the classification of these models recommends their size and situation comparison with one another. While the EV1 sits at the foundation of the reach, the EV9 fills in as the leader model. Among these, the EV6 hybrid is currently accessible in the Indian market, and the EV5 made its creation debut a couple of months prior, first being offered exclusively in China.

The EV6 hybrid is as of now a piece of Kia’s Indian portfolio, and the EV5, a 4.6-meter-long SUV, appeared underway structure as of late. Another model that has gathered consideration is a Seltos-sized SUV, likely to be known as the EV4. This model is roughly 4.2 meters long and is supposed to be showcased at the forthcoming Kia EV Day.

A teaser for the Kia EV Day likewise displayed the outline of an EV6-like roadster hybrid with particular Drove lighting components. However, insights concerning its size compared with the EV6 are still hush. As for the other four vehicles in the reserved line-up, their body style and size are yet to be uncovered. Kia is also yet to unveil which of these models will advance toward the Indian market.

Kia’s choice to reserve eight new electric models in India is an obvious sign of the organization’s drawn-out vision for the country’s EV market. While certain models like the EV6 are now causing waves in the market, the forthcoming Kia EV Day is supposed to reveal more insight into the automaker’s tentative arrangements. With the Indian government pushing for greener portability arrangements, Kia’s extended EV portfolio could assume a huge part in molding the country’s electric future.