MG Motor India, Epsilon Group Team Up for EV Charging, Battery Recycling

MG Motor India and Power EV to install 1,000 new EV charging points within 1,000 days

MG Motor India announced a strategic alliance with the Epsilon Group for EV charging solutions and battery recycling on Thursday, according to multiple reports.

The car manufacturer has inked an MoU with two subsidiaries of the Epsilon Group as part of the partnership. The first subsidiary, Power EV, specializes in charging solutions, while the second, LICO, focuses on battery recycling and second-life applications.

MG Motor India to install 1,000 charging points within 1,000 days. (Source: MG Motor)
A man charging MG ZS EV with MG Charge (Source: MG Motor)

Power EV’s Role in MG Charge Initiative

Power EV provides a wide range of AC and DC chargers, supporting charging speeds ranging from 22 kW to 120 kW. The Power Panel Management Software enhances the operation of charging stations, ensuring optimal convenience and efficiency.

According to the agreement, Power EV will supply Custom Charging technology to create AC and DC charging solutions tailored for MG’s electric vehicles.

MG Motor India stated that through active participation in the MG Charge initiative, Power EV intends to enhance the current public charging infrastructure.

Their goal is to deploy 1,000 charging points within residential communities and apartments across India within 1,000 days. This initiative aims to extend the accessibility of AC chargers and introduce high-capacity DC charging options.

MG Motor India Chief Growth Officer Gaurav Gupta said, “Our collaboration with the Epsilon Group signifies a strategic alliance aimed at realizing this vision through an efficient charging infrastructure which aids and complements a circular economy by way of second-life and end-of-life solutions for batteries.”

Moreover, this collaboration will help Power EV to develop efficient, durable, and cutting-edge charging technologies for MG Motor’s upcoming EVs.

LICO will offer MG Motor India battery recycling and certification services. (Source: MG Motor)
Batteries of MG’s electric vehicles (Source: MG Motor)

LICO-MG Sustainable Solutions Alliance

LICO will team up with MG Motor India to repurpose batteries in an eco-friendly way. Their main goal is to store renewable energy and adhere to recycling regulations for used batteries.

Additionally, LICO will help MG meet its Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements by offering battery recycling and certification services.

Through R&D efforts, they will create a sustainable solution to improve recycling efficiency and maximize the reuse of EV batteries. Furthermore, ensuring safety standards and traceability in Reverse Logistics for end-of-life battery packs is a top priority for the partnership.

Nationwide, MG India has set up more than 15,000 charging points. (Source: MG Motor)

Wrapping Up

MG Motor India has been one of the first to enter the electric vehicle field and has worked on developing EV-related systems and products.

Nationwide, the automaker has set up more than 15,000 charging points, which include public and home chargers. As part of MG Charge, the company plans to establish 1000 charging points in the coming days.

MG Motor India has been partnering with industrial leaders to improve accessibility and provide a better experience for customers.