Mitsubishi Motors Unveils New Minicab EV With 180km Range

Mitsubishi's Minicab EV is an affordable electric commercial vehicle with 180 km range

Mitsubishi Motors has introduced the Minicab EV in Japan, a kei-car-class electric commercial vehicle. It builds on the success of the Minicab-MiEV, giving greater range and safety features for a price of Rs 2,431,000 for the two-seater and Rs 2,486,000 for the four-seater variant. The new model, which will be available on December 21, features improved electric components and a 35% higher cruising range of 180 km per charge in WLTC mode. Its novel features, which include quick charging capabilities and safety technology, appeal to business purposes.

Based on the Minicab-MiEV, the Minicab EV features a mono-box design and improved electric components, such as an efficient motor and drive battery. In WLTC mode, its range has increased by 35% to 180 km per charge, a significant gain over its predecessor. Charging at AC200V (15A) takes 7.5 hours for a full battery, with rapid charging achieving an 80% charge in 42 minutes.

The new electric motor in the truck produces 195 Nm torque, ensuring reliable performance even under huge cargo loads. The integrated motor and inverter improve driving quietness. Forward Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, Automatic High Beam, and other safety technologies have been introduced to fulfil the Japanese government’s Safety Support Car S Wide regulations. Hill Start Assist, a rear power outlet (AC100V, 1500W), USB charging outlets, a smartphone tray, and better shock absorbers for passenger comfort are among the additional amenities.

Mitsubishi Motors’ Minicab EV marks a huge leap forward in electric commercial vehicles, with improved range, safety features, and utility. It caters primarily to business demands while keeping an inexpensive price tag, with a noteworthy 35% improvement in cruising range to 180 km in WLTC mode. Notably, its quick charging capabilities, integrated safety systems, and extra features like Hill Start Assist and rear power outlets make it a tempting market choice. Mitsubishi’s emphasis on innovation and dependability promises a bright future for commercial electric cars, fulfilling changing needs for economical and safe transportation solutions.