MS Dhoni Snapped Riding a ‘Made-in-India’ Doodle V3 e-bicycle

MS Dhoni riding a 7-speed EMotorad Doodle V3 e-cycle with a 60 km range has a top speed of 25 km/h.

Once again, the spotlight is on the former captain of the Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni. Renowned for his passion for motorcycles and cars, Mahi has captured social media’s interest.

But on this occasion, the Chennai Super Kings player was spotted riding an Indian-made electric bicycle, the Doodle V3 E-bike.

Recently, a video featuring Dhoni on the e-bike has gained over 1.7 million views on social media. It offers viewers a glimpse of him casually pedalling the bike along a street.

Video of Dhoni on the e-bike has gained over 1.7 million views. (Source: EMotorad)

EMotorad Doodle V3 E-bike

The eco-friendly e-bike, produced by EMotorad, comes with a price tag of Rs 53,000. In fact, with an impressive maximum speed of 25 km/h, it offers remarkable performance for an e-cycle.

The user can ride the bicycle with a regular pedal power or in electric mode. Moreover, there is an option of riding it with a combination of both. Thus, this aspect makes the e-cycle an excellent choice for those looking to adopt eco-friendly transportation options.

Featuring a 12.75 Ah battery, the Doodle V3 offers riders a range of up to 60 km, making it suitable for longer journeys. Also, it has a 7-speed Shimano gear system, LCD display, and USB charging port, offering users a range of practical amenities.

With a 12.75 Ah battery, the Doodle V3 offers a range of up to 60 km. (Source: EMotorad)

The cycle is portable and easy to store thanks to telescopic forks featuring a lock-out option and foldable design.

The Doodle V3 features a battery pack integrated into the frame. It enables convenient charging either while attached to the bike or separately when removed.

Currently, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular for recreational activities and daily commutes. Whether in the bustling city or on the countryside road, the e-bike effortlessly blends into various settings.

Bhaichung Bhutia have tried out the Doodle V3. (Source: Know Your Bicycle)
Footballer Bhaichung Bhutia with Doodle V3 (Source: YT/ KnowYourBicycle)

Trend of Adopting Greener Options

We have seen Dhoni riding a two-wheeler several times. However, his latest choice has attracted considerable attention, mainly due to its commitment to sustainability.

However, Dhoni isn’t the only one to endorse the EMotorad’s e-bike. Many celebs like Sonali Bendre, Suniel Shetty, Shaan, Bhaichung Bhutia and even MPs, including Nitin Gadkari and Jayant Sinha, have tested the e-bike.

Celebrities endorsing e-cycles reflect a growing movement towards embracing eco-friendly transportation. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder to encourage the adoption of greener alternatives.