Mumbai Scales New Milestone Where It Comes To EV’s

Mumbai EV population crossed the 10,000-mark in June with 33% of the total e-cars in Maharashtra

At a time where the entire country is rallying for the electric car revolution, it appears that Mumbai has news for us.

Reports say that Mumbai, the financial nerve centre of India, actually constitutes 33 percent of all of Maharashtra’s electric vehicles.

This is no small development; it’s a milestone one. That said, here is a fascinating statistic to look at:

The latest figures that date back a week suggest the electric car population crossed the 10,000-mark in the recent days. Having said that, it is one thing to have a densely populated scale where it comes to electric cars.

And yet, it is something quite different, wholesome even to have a third of the entire state’s EV numbers.

electric car population crossed the 10,000-mark in Mumbai
Volvo XC 40 Recharge (Source: Volvo Cars)

Wouldn’t you agree?

Having said that, in no uncertain terms can it be said that there has been a high demand of new EV’s in the city of Mumbai. Among them, the demand for pure-EV SUV’s has been at an all-time level.

But all of that said, what may have led to EV’s growing popularity in Mumbai?

The owners, when asked about the same, cited in no uncertain terms the following factors:

  1. The low costs of maintenance associated with electric vehicles
  2. The absolute no need of fuel
  3. The overall comfort given by EV’s accompanied by noiseless driving

In addition to the above, increased model availability in conjunction with affordable costs has also led to the positive trend.

However, there are still a few who feel that maybe the demand for EV’s should ideally shoot northwards.

Registered EV's in Mumbai to be at 10,893
(Representative Image: Freepik)

Can a lot more still be done

For instance, a local tax expert (based in Mumbai), shared his perspective:

“It is a very encouraging thing to have over 10,000 registrations, but I think the numbers are still very low. The rise in sales over the past few years is due to reduction in range anxiety and presence of charging infrastructure across the city.”

Having told that, it is also about time that several other cities much like Mumbai should now jump onto the EV bandwagon. At present, there are no fewer than 450 charging points across different locations in the starry city of Mumbai.

For other cities such as Thane, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur to catch up with the Maharashtra capital, it is vital to crate a robust demand for EV’s along with installing a dense EV charging infra.

But all said and done, it is quite encouraging to see the overall number of registered EV’s in Mumbai to be at 10,893.

And if that is not a positive number, then what is?

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