Odysse E2GO Graphene Variant Launched, Price Starts At Rs 63,650

Odysse Electric Vehicles is now selling the Graphene variant of their E2GO electric scooter in six new colours

Odysse Electric Vehicles, a leading electric vehicle (EV) producer based in Mumbai, has added the Graphene edition of their popular E2GO electric scooter. With a starting price of Rs 63,650 (ex-showroom), the Graphene E2GO stands out for its design and choice of colours. These include a total of six colours choices, which are matte black, combat red, scarlet red, teal green, azure blue, and combat blue.

Boasting a bunch of impressive features, the new Graphene variant emphasizes both performance and versatility, addressing the necessities of current riders for their day-to-day commuting endeavours. The Graphene E2GO electric-powered scooter is equipped with a lead-acid battery that takes about 8 hours for a full charge, allowing a range of one hundred kilometres on a full charge. Since its top speed is limited to 25 kmph, it should be noted that this electric scooter no longer necessitates a bike license or registration.

Additional functions on the electric scooter include a keyless virtual speedometer, USB charging, and an anti-theft lock. Odysse Electric Vehicles also provides a 3-12 months warranty for their motors. In a strategic move to enhance accessibility and streamline the purchasing method, Odysse formed a collaborative partnership with the famous online retailer Flipkart, allowing customers to reserve their range of electric motorcycles and scooters comfortably via the Flipkart platform.

Apart from the nicely-obtained E2GO series, Odysse Electric Vehicles boasts an extensive lineup of electric scooters, including the Hawk, V2, V2+, and Trot, tailored to satisfy various consumer choices and demands. Additionally, this product portfolio extends to include the high-performance Vader electric-powered motorcycle and the present-day EVOQIS electric motorbike.

The launch of the Graphene edition underlines Odysse Electric Vehicles’ attention to the entry-level scooters as well. It remains to be seen how the electric two-wheeler finds its place in the Indian market.