Okaya Motofaast EV Launched at Rs 1.37 Lakh, Better Than The Rivals?

Okaya Motofaast EV launched for Rs 1.37 lakh. Offers an impressive maximum range of 130 kms on a single charge

Okaya a startup EV scooter manufacturer now has another addition to its portfolio. The company has launched the Okaya Motofaast Electric scooter for a price of Rs 1.37 lakh. This electric scooter can be booked at Rs 2,500 with the deliveries set to commence in November. At first, the EV will be sold in Delhi and Jaipur.

The brand already has some other models in its line up, including the FREEDUM, FAAST F2F, FAAST F3, FAAST F2B, ClassIQ+, FAAST F2T,  FAAST F4 and now the MOTOFAAST. The MOTOFAAST sits between FAAST F2B and FAAST F3. Okaya has introduced a new unique body style with the new EV and is calling it the ‘Scoobike’. Meaning, the practicality of the vehicle is like that of a scooter but the riding posture and riding characteristics are that of a bike.

The Okaya MOTOFAAST is available in one battery option. The scoobike is powered by a 3.53kWh battery pack with divided into 2, the battery has an integrated utilizing advanced LFP battery technology. The battery returns a peak power output of 2300W and can reach up to 70kmph of top speed returning about 130kms of maximum range, the battery takes 4-5 hrs of maximum charging time. Diving into some details, the EV offers some respectable safety features such as the LFP Battery technology that helps to increase the battery capacity to tolerate India’s increasing temperature.

Moreover, the MOTOFAAST has a safety buzzer that alerts the rider 5 minutes before the Thermal Runaway, also the scooter is available with 3 riding modes, Eco, City and Sports. For better urban rides, the scooter runs on freshly wrapped tubeless 12-inch rubber, supported by front telescopic and rear hydraulic with spring suspension. Talking about the features, the scooter is a good tech-savvy Electric Scooter as it uses a large 7-inch touchscreen with some inbuilt features like GPS, Scooter health, and many other things with the help of the Okaya EV App. Interested buyers can book the Okaya Motofaast electric scooter here.

Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Electric Vehicles, said, “We’ve come to understand that, in addition to safety, our customers are seeking an array of advanced features. This realization has inspired us to introduce the stylish Scoobike with high-end features, to offer our customers the safest and most comfortable ride possible. Our aim is to provide the latest and safest technology to our customers, whether it’s in terms of batteries or feature enhancements.”