Ola E-Bike Service Launched in Delhi, Hyderabad After Success in Bengaluru

Ola plans to run 10,000 electric scooters within the Ola e-Bike service in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru soon

Ola, India’s top ride-hailing company, has launched its e-bike service in Delhi and Hyderabad. Including Bengaluru, where the pilot of Ola e-bike service has already been a massive success, the business plans to deploy 10,000 e-vehicles in these cities over the following two months, creating the country’s largest electric two-wheeler fleet. Ola’s eBike service emerges as an economical, sustainable, and convenient urban commuting alternative, with costs starting at INR 25 for 5 km, INR 50 for 10 km, and INR 75 for 15 km.

Hemant Bakshi, CEO of Ola Mobility, highlighted the need for electrification to improve  affordability of transport. He remarked, “Electrification is the most powerful lever for achieving affordability in the transportation area. Ola prioritizes cheap mobility through electrification, which aligns with our aim of serving 1 billion Indians.”

Following a successful e-bike taxi trial in Bangalore in September 2023, Ola had a 40% market expansion in three months, offering over 1.75 million trips. The firm intends to expand the Ola E-e-bike service by installing 200 charging stations in Bangalore and creating a comprehensive charging network throughout all operating areas.

Ola’s ambitious expansion strategy is demonstrated in its India Mobility Business becoming EBITDA positive in FY 23. Ola wants to serve a billion Indian consumers and economically empower 10 million partners by focusing on ride-hailing, financial services, logistics, and e-commerce. The e-bike taxi project not only provides a cheap commute option but also expands prospects for gig-economy workers on the Ola platform.