This Unique Made-in-india Electric Scooter Stole The Limelight at The India eMobility Show 2023

With its quirky design and promising specs, Rhyno EV saw a lot of interest from the crowd at the Indian eMobility Show 2023

India eMobility Show 2023 concluded earlier this week, with two days of collective focus on electric mobility by just about every stakeholder in the automotive industry. Held at the India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida, the event saw the participation of several OEMs of electric vehicles as well as related components. This means companies that produce the electric vehicles themselves were in attendance, along with those that manufacture parts of such EVs, software solutions, aggregators as well as investors of such firms.

The crowd of EV enthusiasts enjoyed an impressive lineup of speakers and exhibitions of the participating firms. Among these, was one particular stall that garnered the largest attention during the event – that of an upcoming electric two-wheeler by the name of Rhyno EV. One look at the electric scooter and you will know why it easily stole the limelight at the India eMobility Show 2023. It is nothing like any other EV you may have seen before.

The Rhyno electric scooter is the debut product of Rhyno Wheels Private Limited. The firm is a start-up incubated at the Innovation and Incubation Centre (IIC) of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. We managed to speak to Vishal Dhamecha, the founder of the company, about his plans for the electric scooter, and how soon we can see it on Indian roads. From the interaction, here is what we know about the Rhyno electric scooter so far.

Rhyno EV: A Quirky Design

Rhyno electric scooter
Rhyno electric scooter (Image: Green Wheels India)

A simple reason why the Rhyno electric scooter stands out from the rest of the electric two-wheelers is its one-of-a-kind design that is hard to pass by without a second look. With a very low floor, wide tyres, and a minimalistic design, it practically redefines how electric two-wheelers are shaped. Especially so for a special use case where the roads are not as smooth as one would like. Vishal explains that the refreshing design focuses on “safety, durability, as well as utility options.”

“The wide tyres will offer extra grip and balance to the vehicle, especially on uneven terrain. This presents a special use case for commercial runs too, as riders can carry the cargo through rough tracks with minimal jerks and inconvenience. This is also where the low centre-of-gravity of the e-scooter helps, thanks to its low floor.”

Other important design elements include a telescopic suspension at the front, further enabling a jerk-free ride, as well as disc brakes on both ends for safety. There is a digital display upfront that shows the odometer, speed of the vehicle, its battery status, and the current riding mode (out of 3). Sleek indicators adorn both ends of the EV, also giving it a sharp look.

Rhyno EV: Utilities

A Helmet Deck just below its seat also enhances the Rhyno’s cargo transportation capabilities. The detachable box can easily store your belongings, including a helmet or other things, making it a viable option for riders on delivery duty.

The company also promises attractive customisation to the buyers, by letting them choose from a total of 15 colour patterns on the flaps covering both wheels. Interestingly, the team is still up for any changes on the vehicle as per the feedback. “We increased the seat length and made the cargo box detachable post feedback and we are open to making further changes that may make it better,” Vishal said.

Rhyno EV: Promising Performance

Digital display of the Rhyno electric scooter (Image: Green Wheels India)

If the design of the Rhyno electric scooter is what brought the event attendees to the company’s booth, its promised specifications are what kept them there admiring it. Vishal said that the electric scooter can go about 100 km on a single charge, an impressive range considering the bulky tyres it has to rotate. A 2kW lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery that is waterproof and takes about 3 hours to charge from a normal 5A socket powers this. The battery rests on the bed of the EV and unfortunately for a product like this, is not removable in nature. Vishal, however, confirmed that the company is working on such a unit with a removable battery pack for easy charging.

The EV claims to have a top speed of 60 km/h, which should be good enough for its potential users. The most interesting part about the Rhyno EV, however, is its extremely low weight, which makes it very easy to balance, even with a single hand. You can feel the difference from other EVs by simply holding the handlebar and lifting the electric scooter from its side stand.

Rhyno EV: Expected Launch Timeline

Vishal Dhamecha, Founder - Rhyno Wheels Private Limited standing next to the Rhyno electric scooter (Image: Green Wheels India)
Vishal Dhamecha, Founder – Rhyno Wheels Private Limited standing next to the Rhyno electric scooter (Image: Green Wheels India)

As Vishal told us, the company is currently procuring the licenses to be able to sell the Rhyno EV commercially. On the sidelines, they are in talks with dealerships across the country. For now, the firm targets a local sale in Gujarat, which should start within a year’s time. As and when it does, Vishal expects the Rhyno electric scooter to sell with a price tag of around Rs 1 lakh. The interest in the EV and its target price, right at the exhibition, tells us that it should be a commercially hit EV upon debut.

We will be covering the developments on the Rhyno electric scooter regularly. If you find this electric scooter unique and interesting, stay tuned to this space for more updates on the Rhyno EV.