Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter With up to 300km Range Launched

Rivot NX100 electric scooter comes in several different configurations to choose from

Rivot Motors has developed the Rivot NX100 electric scooter series, which has five models to accommodate a wide range of user requirements. This ‘Make in India’ project proudly manufactures these scooters in Belagavi, Karnataka, with prices beginning at Rs 89,000. The NX100 line’s hallmark is its outstanding upgradable range, which allows consumers to increase the capacity of their vehicle as needed. The Rivot NX100 scooters can go 272.5 km on a single charge, setting a new standard in the electric two-wheeler market in India.

The Rivot NX100 electric scooter series is a diverse offering with five variants: Classic, Premium, Elite, Sports, and Offlander, each intended to fulfil the needs of different riders. The Street Rider model has three sub-variants: Classic, Premium, and Elite, each with seven colour possibilities, whilst the Sports variant has a sleek white and orange dual-tone appearance. The top-tier Offlander version is available in Desert paint. What genuinely distinguishes the Rivot NX100 is its expandable range. Beginning with a 100km model, consumers may upgrade to a 300km model to meet their changing demands. The motor inverter technology used by Rivot provides energy efficiency, with a range of 55-60 kilometres per kilowatt-hour (KWh). The scooters use specialised LiMFP battery chemistry that has been designed to work effectively in India’s various temperature conditions. Rivot also provides unique variations for consumers looking for high-power bikes with off-road capability. A one-of-a-kind motor that combines IPMSM and SynRM technology delivers great torque at low and high RPMs, delivering a smooth and adaptable ride. The enclosed belt drive shields the powerplant from the rigours of Indian roadways, extending its lifespan.

The Rivot NX100 electric scooter line is an important step towards improving sustainable mobility in India. Rivot Motors’ ‘Make in India’ project demonstrates the company’s dedication to local production. The NX100 scooters’ hallmark is their expandable range, a practical solution that responds to changing user demands. These scooters are intended to flourish in India’s different temperature conditions, with exceptional ranges, efficient motor inverter technology, and specialised battery chemistry. Rivot’s emphasis on adaptability is obvious in its offers, which span from high-performance motorcycles to off-roading alternatives, appealing to a diverse variety of users. The scooters are well-equipped to face the demands of Indian roadways thanks to modern motor technology and an enclosed belt drive. Rivot NX100 achieves a significant milestone by travelling 545 km on a single charge, making it a dependable and environmentally sustainable option for urban commuters. This idea represents a big advancement in India’s electric scooter business.