Tata Motors to Introduce Future-Ready Mobility Solutions at Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

Tata Motors will display advanced vehicles, green technology, and several smart initiatives at Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024

Tata Motors, a pioneering force in India’s automotive sector, will present a wide range of cutting-edge cars and solutions at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 in New Delhi, demonstrating its commitment to changing personal mobility, people transportation, and cargo logistics.

Tata Motors will showcase India’s 10 most modern commercial vehicles, including the LNG-powered Prima 5530.S and the eco-friendly Prima H.55S hydrogen ICE truck. The display may include the Ultra E.9, a smart electric vehicle for urban cargo, as well as the Ace CNG 2.0, a bi-fuel mini truck that ensures continuous operation. The Intra Bi-Fuel, Magna EV, and Starbus Fuel Cell EV shall also highlight the brand’s commitment to environmentally friendly and efficient transportation alternatives.

Other than the commercial vehicle lineup, we may also see the New Nexon i-CNG Concept, Safari #DARK Concept, Curvv Concept, and Altroz Racer Concept, Punch. ev, Nexon.ev #DARK Show Car, and the Harrier. Tata’s EV Concept marks a significant step forward in the electric vehicle industry, with an emphasis on sophisticated technology and performance.

Tata Motors will also display its dedication to future-ready technologies, such as hydrogen-powered engines, twin-cylinder CNG, efficient fuel delivery systems, battery electric powertrains, and hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric cars. Smart technologies like ADAS, and the Arcade. ev app suite, gesture-operated controls, and voice assistance demonstrate the brand’s commitment to improving the driving experience.

Tata Motors shall showcase digitally linked cars, including the Fleet Edge platform for business fleet management and ZConnect & IRA for personal mobility convenience, along with Re.Wi.Re, a recycling option for end-of-life automobiles that contributes to the circular economy.