Tata Motors to Launch A Double-Decker Electric Bus, Design Patent Suggests

The double-decker electric bus may be based on an existing electric bus powertrain by Tata Motors

Tata Motors has been a major stakeholder in India’s ongoing transition to electric vehicles, with the company having numerous offerings for both commercial and private EV buyers. It may now be looking to expand this portfolio with a new electric bus, one with two-floor seating, commonly known as a double-decker bus.

The speculation arises from a new design patent that has been filed by Tata Motors recently. The patent, in its entirety, shows a double-decker electric bus but does not shed light on its technical aspects, so we are yet unsure about most of the details of the upcoming electric vehicle from the house of Tata Motors. What we do know, is that the automobile major will be among a select few players having such an EV on sale, as and when it puts it up for sale.

A report by Rushlane shares some of the details of the double-decker electric bus. It states that Tata Motors’ electric bus will be based on a two-axle chassis, with a total possible length of 9 meters. With that, it shall have wide entry and exit doors at the front and rear, as well as large windows.

The report also highlights the possibility of the electric double-decker bus having a powertrain similar to that of an existing electric bus that Tata Motors sells – the Tata Ultra. This seems to be a possibility also owing to the fact that the Tata Ultra spans 9 meters in length. In case Tata Motors uses the same powertrain, the new double-decker electric bus shall have a 124 kWh battery pack with a range of 150 km on a single charge. The electric motors coupled to the battery shall be able to generate 194 BHP of power and 1145 Nm of torque, along with a top speed of 75 km/h.

Once out, the electric double-decker bus may compete with the Switch EiV22, which marked its debut in Mumbai last year. As more such offerings are made available in the market, electric double-decker buses might soon be commonplace in India with their added benefit of extra passenger capacity.