Tesla’s Latest Dog Mode Update Raises Reliability Concerns Among Owners

Dog Mode keeps pets safe in Tesla cars by adjusting climate for comfort when owners are away

When Tesla released the Dog Mode feature, many car enthusiasts praised it. That’s because it lets pet owners leave their cars momentarily, ensuring their pets stay safe and comfortable inside. But if something goes wrong, what happens next?

Tesla’s latest software update has sparked concerns about the reliability of Dog Mode in its vehicles. Not only that, but two EV owners reported about the bug on social media. However, not all owners are experiencing problems—some say the feature operates smoothly. This unpredictability adds an unsettling aspect to the issue.

The mode typically works well for most owners. However, there is a risk of it malfunctioning, which could lead to the cabin temperature becoming uncontrollable.

Dog Mode allows pets to stay safely in Tesla cars when owners are away.
(Source: Tesla)

But What is a Dog Mode?

Dog Mode allows pets to stay safely in Tesla cars when owners are away. It adjusts the car’s climate to keep a comfortable temperature. Moreover, it locks the windows and doors to prevent pets from opening them accidentally. Also, it shows a message on the car’s screen to let people know the pet is safe in a controlled environment.

These features are great for people who need to stop at a convenience store while keeping their pets safe and comfortable. However, the latest update (2024.20.1) may have caused a problem with Dog Mode. Even when activated, there are times when it doesn’t maintain the cabin temperature properly, which can lead to overheating.

Fortunately, the car sends a notification to the owner’s phone if this happens. But it doesn’t solve the issue entirely. According to Not A Tesla App, 53.7% of Tesla cars are on software version 2024.20.1, which could lead pet owners worried.

The American automaker has released another update (2024.20.3) to 0.6% of its vehicles. However, it’s unclear if this update fixes the issue.

Tesla has released another update (2024.20.3) to 0.6% of its vehicles.

So, what to do to prevent a mishap?

Remember, the best way to keep pets safe is to not leave them in the car until Tesla fixes the issue and announce it officially. If you can’t avoid leaving your pet in the car, use the Tesla app to watch the cabin temperature closely. Be alert for any notifications about cabin temperature or problems with Dog Mode on your phone.