This April Fools’, Meet Ola Solo – The Electric Scooter That Drives by Itself

The Ola Solo is powered by Ola's in-house LMAO9000 chip

For those thinking driverless vehicles were only an accomplishment achieved by Tesla, India’s own Ola Electric has come up with an absolute eye-opener. The ride-hailing firm, also renowned for its electric two-wheelers in India, has come up with what is being called the world’s first autonomous electric scooter. In case the title doesn’t make things clear enough, the new Ola scooter can drive itself, and you along with it. Aptly, the name given to it is Ola Solo.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. You see, the announcement comes on the date on which many dread the fine line between an official announcement and a prank. In Ola’s case, it is the latter, as is made clear by several hints dropped throughout the product’s explanation. Even so, the idea of a self-driving scooter taking you places is definitely one that everyone in India would love.

Not just pillion rides, Ola claims that the new Ola Solo autonomous electric scooter can navigate roads, bring your groceries, and even find a charging station by itself and plug itself in for charging. Calling it “a revolution on wheels,” the new Ola scooter is meant to pave the path to “a smarter, cleaner, and more autonomous future.”

As per a new product page that Ola has dedicated to the Ola Solo, Ola’s autonomous electric scooter is 100 per cent accurate in navigating traffic, speedbumps, etc and yet gets “smarter with every ride.” Ola says that the brain on the Ola Solo is powered by QUICKIE.AI working on an in-house developed chip LMAO9000, with the combination capable of making split-second decisions.

Check out all the details of the Ola Solo in this video

An interesting Juice Up Feature on the Ola Solo, enabled by Electrosnooze Quantum, helps the scooter find the nearest Hypercharger whenever it is low on charge.

“From Ride Only to Pillion Only” – that is the motto that Ola is going for with the Ola Solo. As the company asks users to “give up the control and sit back,” it is pretty hilarious to see a pillion riding on a scooter driving itself. Where are you even supposed to keep your arms and hands? Just hanging by the side or holding on to the back of the scooter. Well, now you may have the freedome to do either.