Toyota Unveils Urban SUV EV Based on Maruti Suzuki EVX

The new Urban SUV EV is likely to offer a range of 550 km upon launch

Toyota unveiled its new Urban SUV EV concept at the Kenshiki conference, announcing the start of a new series of six EVs set to appear in early 2024. Based on Maruti Suzuki’s EVX shown at the 2023 Auto Expo, the production-spec version will be on sale in 2024. The SUV includes different design components and is equipped with two battery packs, most likely including a 60 kWh arrangement for an estimated 550 km range.

The Urban SUV EV concept, which is similar in shape and back characteristics to the Maruti Suzuki EVX, has sleek LED front clusters similar to Toyota’s latest models. Details on the inside remain unknown, however, it is expected to be comparable to the EVX. Toyota confirmed the availability of both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models. The SUV has two battery pack choices, including a possible 60 kWh arrangement from the EVX, which promises a 550 km range.

The article discusses Toyota’s debut of the Urban SUV EV, a concept inspired by Maruti Suzuki’s EVX. With a projected production-spec unveiling in 2024, this vehicle marks the start of Toyota’s six-EV portfolio. Toyota’s dedication to growing its electric vehicle portfolio is demonstrated by the inclusion of front and all-wheel drive options, as well as battery pack configurations offering significant range. This announcement represents a joint effort between the two businesses and foreshadows a big advancement in the Indian electric car sector.