Xiaomi SU7 EV Premieres in India at Tech Giant’s Tenth Anniversary Event

Xiaomi presented the SU7 Max variant, which produces 664 hp and 838Nm of torque and has an 800km range

The auto industry is witnessing a significant shift towards electric vehicles since people are becoming more eco-conscious. Many new companies, like Xiaomi, are entering the EV market, even though they’re well-known for smartphones and consumer electronics.

Today, Xiaomi displayed its first and only electric car, the SU7, in India. Globally unveiled in December 2023, the sedan is on sale in its home country, China. The electronic giant showcased the car on its tenth anniversary in India at an event in Bengaluru.

Xiaomi displayed its first and only EV car, the SU7, in India
Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi SU7 Max Performance Overview

At the event, Xiaomi presented the SU7 Max. This EV variant comes with dual motors, which produce a total of 664 bhp and 838 Nm of torque. Also, the Max model features launch control, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.78 seconds and from 0 to 200 km/h in 10.67 seconds. Moreover, this variant achieves a top speed of 265 km/h.

Equipped with a 101-kWh battery pack, the SU7 Max offers an estimated range of up to 800 km (CLTC). Xiaomi claims the SU7 Max can recharge 220 km of range in five minutes and up to 510 km in 15 minutes using an ultra-fast charger.

The SU7 has a remarkably sleek design with aerodynamic efficiency. Also, it boasts a drag coefficient of 0.195 Cd, positioning it among the world’s top cars in aerodynamic performance.

The SU7 has a 16.1-inch 3K touchscreen placed in the multi-layer dashboard.
Xiaomi SU7 EV car interior (Source: Xiaomi)

The SU7’s Interior

The SU7 has a stylish interior design, with a 16.1-inch 3K touchscreen placed in the multi-layer dashboard. Additionally, it includes digital instrument displays, a head-up display, and two touchscreens for rear-seat passengers.

Xiaomi SU7 runs on its own ‘HyperOS’ operating system. Therefore, it boots up completely in just 1.49 seconds from the moment the driver opens the door.

In terms of safety, the SU7 comes with seven airbags and ADAS, which uses lidar and HD cameras. At the unveiling event, Xiaomi showcased a video illustrating SU7’s ability to perform fully automated valet parking.

SU7 comes with seven airbags and ADAS, which uses lidar and HD cameras
Xiaomi SU7 ev car (Source: Xiaomi)

Wrapping Up

The Xiaomi SU7 is unlikely to be sold in India’s EV market soon. However, its showcasing reflects the manufacturer’s strategy to expand its range of products in the country.