Zomato Sustainability Drive: Targeting 100% EV-Based Deliveries by 2030

Zomato aims 2033 Net Zero goal, but its last-mile deliveries account for over 90% of Zomato's emissions

Zomato, an Indian food ordering and delivery platform, released a special advertisement on World Environment Day 2024. The video underlined the company’s goal to enable 100% electric vehicle deliveries by 2030. Also, it illustrated Zomato’s delivery partner’s shift to EVs by presenting a number of humorous experiments with non-traditional modes of transportation to guarantee on-time delivery.

Anjalli Ravi Kumar, Chief Sustainability Officer of Zomato said that the company’s pledge to deliver all of its orders using electric vehicles by 2030 shows how important sustainability is to Zomato’s operations.

The switch to EV-based delivery is essential because last-mile deliveries account for over 90% of the company’s emissions. Because of this, it is among the most important actions to reach the 2033 Net Zero goal.

In keeping with its commitment to environmental responsibility, Zomato joined the Climate Group’s EV100 project in 2021. It made the company the first and only food ordering and delivery platform worldwide to do so. This calculated step, in the early phases of India’s 2W EV ecosystem, shows the company’s confidence in making the switch to EVs.

(Source: YT/Zomato)

Zomato’s World Environment Day ad is a brilliant way to express their ambitious 2030 vision for a greener future. It demonstrates their dedication to achieving this vision through deliveries powered by EVs without sacrificing delivery time.

To help with this switch to EV-based delivery, Zomato’s EV initiative employs four levers:

  • Onboarding EV-based logistics service companies.
  • Enhancing delivery partners’ access to EVs for rent through partnerships with over 70 EV rental firms and OEMs and a digital referral tool.
  • Supporting EV bike ownership by working with financial service companies.
  • Improving delivery partners’ knowledge of the various models and advantages of using EVs for deliveries through offline and online activations.
Zomato launches all-electric fleet for large orders (Source: Zomato)
Zomato launches all-electric fleet for large orders (Source: Zomato)

In April, Zomato launched a brand-new service called the “large order fleet.” It intends to improve the handling of large orders for meetings, parties, and events.

Due to its wide restaurant network and range of offered cuisines, the company continues to have a competitive advantage in delivery compared to quick-service restaurant (QSR) platforms.