UP Govt Exempts Road Tax, Registration Fee on Electric Vehicles

The new benefits by the UP government will add on to the subsidies already available on EV purchases.

In another move to increase the use of electric vehicles in the state, the Uttar Pradesh government has now announced new discounts and exemptions on green vehicles. The benefits have been announced as a part of the government order (GO) issued recently by the state. With this, EV buyers in Uttar Pradesh can now avail of full exemption from road tax and registration fees on their purchases.

The new GO has been issued by the principal secretary of transport, L. Venkateshwarlu, and now grants a complete (100 percent) tax exemption for those buying an electric vehicle (EV) in UP. All such vehicles sold and registered in the state, from October 14, 2022, to October 13, 2025, can avail of this benefit. The tax exemption comes in addition to all the subsidies being provided by the central government for the purchase of electric vehicles.

Together, EV buyers in UP, through the state and the central government initiatives, can now save up to Rs 20,000 on electric two-wheelers. The same benefits can extend up to Rs 1 lakh for electric cars bought within the state.

As per a government spokesperson, the tax exemption will benefit close to 4,000 EV owners in Agra itself, those who were charged taxes and the registration fee between October 14, 2022, until now. These vehicles include electric rickshaws, electric cars, as well as electric two-wheelers.

The new benefits have been rolled out five months after the introduction of the Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy in the state. Announced in October last year, the policy aims to boost the adoption of EVs in the state and attract EV business owners to set up EV manufacturing facilities in Uttar Pradesh. Going forward, the Electric Vehicle Policy will also offer a 100 percent rebate on EVs manufactured, sold, and registered in the state of UP, starting from October 14, 2025 till October 13, 2027.