Video Shows Tata Nexon EV on Fire, Crashed Into a Tree in Hyderabad

It is likely that the Tata Nexon EV shown in the video caught fire after crashing into a tree

A Tata Nexon EV has recently been caught on camera engulfed in flames after an apparent collision. The incident is being reported from Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad in Telangana. While the vehicle itself caught fire, all the passengers involved in the crash are reportedly safe.

The video, now going viral on YouTube, shows a white-colored Tata Nexon EV crashed against a tree, with flames erupting out of its bonnet. The video fails to give any description of how or why the electric car caught fire but judging from the clip, it can be assumed that the vehicle caught fire after colliding with the tree. It is, however, possible that the fire erupted on the EV due to a different reason, and caused its crash into the tree.

For those unaware, Tata Nexon EV is the best-selling electric car in India as of now and has seldom been in the highlights due to such incidents. In fact, Tata Nexon as well as its electric version have managed to attain a 5-star rating in the NCAP safety test, as a testimony to their safety standards. An official statement from Tata Motors is yet awaited for further understanding of the incident in Telangana.

You can have a look at the video showing Tata Nexon EV on fire, here:

Electric vehicles catching fire have been a serious concern among Indian buyers lately, so much so that it is fast becoming a major deterrent for buyers from opting for EVs. Most such incidents to date involved electric scooters, eventually causing the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to order a probe into the mishaps and take stringent actions against any lack of standards in the components of these EVs.