Volvo Cars’ All-Electric EX90 SUV Enters Production, Promises 600km Range

With 600km range, the 111-kWh battery and 509 hp helps Volvo EX90 SUV accelerate to 100 km/r in just 4.9 seconds

Volvo Cars decided to start manufacturing its new electric flagship EX90 SUV at its production facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Notably, the company chose June 5, the World Environment Day, to commence the production of its new electric SUV.

The company wants the first customer deliveries by the second half of this year. In addition, an eye-catching Denim Blue color model became the first customer-bound EX90 to roll off the Charleston assembly line.

The EX90, the brand’s latest three-row electric flagship, made its premiere in November 2022. Furthermore, Volvo planned to deliver the EV in the first half of 2024. However, it had to postpone the SUV’s release to address a few software problems. Note that the issue also caused problems for other automakers and caused delays in the launch of several new cars.

Recently, the Swedish automaker launched the world’s first EV battery passport for the EX90 SUV. The passport tracks the source of components, recycled materials, carbon footprint, and raw materials.

The base Twin Motor EX90 model generates 402 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque (Source: Volvo Cars)
(Source: Volvo Cars)

Powertrain and Battery

Volvo’s next-gen born-electric EV technology serves as the foundation for the EX90, which has a 600 km range.

The electric SUV rides on a new chassis with a battery capacity of 111.0 kWh. The Twin Motor Performance trim can accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds with 509 hp and 910 Nm of torque.

Starting at $77,990 (₹65 lakh), the base Twin Motor model generates 402 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque. Additionally, it takes 5.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

In 30 minutes, the EX90 can charge from 10% to 80% using 250 kW DC charging.

Volvo EX90 has 16 ultrasonic sensors, 5 radar sensors, and an external 360-degree camera (Source: Volvo Cars)


Claiming EX90 as the safest Volvo model ever, the Swedish manufacturer loaded it with sensors and advanced technology. The EV has sixteen ultrasonic sensors, five radar sensors, and an external 360-degree camera. This enables the driver to respond faster as the vehicle detects its surroundings.

Furthermore, there are built-in Google apps and services on a 14.5-inch central infotainment screen.

Volvo produces the EX90 SUV and the S60 sedan in the Charleston plant (Source: Volvo Cars)
(Source: Volvo Cars)

Wrapping Up

Volvo Cars opened the Charleston plant in mid-2018, marking it as the brand’s first manufacturing factory in the US. Today, the automaker produces the EX90 and the S60 sedan in that plant. Moreover, the company’s factory can manufacture up to 150,000 vehicles annually. Also, it will help Volvo Cars meet its goal of selling 600,000 EVs by 2025.

This news will please the EV enthusiasts in India as the EX90 might arrive in the country next year.