Not Rimac Nevera, But It Is Aspark Owl Which Is The World’s Fastest EV!

With 415kpm top speed, Aspark Owl SP600 becomes the world's fastest EV, beating Rimac Nevera

The world of electric supercars has witnessed two engineering marvels locking horns for the tag of the fastest electric car for some time now. And it is a coveted tag, to be frank.

Now, it turns out that one EV sports car major has usurped the other in the race for producing the fastest-ever EV machine on road.

The Aspark Owl has recently become the world’s fastest electric car, ever. In so doing, the Japanese car major recorded a belter of a speed trap that undid all the good work done by Croatian legend Rimac.

Aspark Owl Sp600 recently touched a speed trap that went beyond 258-mph (415kph)

So what are we talking about after all?

For quite some time, the precious tag of being the world’s fastest-ever electric hypercar belonged to Rimac Nevera. Now that record has been toppled.

It is confirmed that the fastest-ever EV is the Japanese firm’s retuned Aspark Owl SP600. The car recently touched a speed trap that went beyond 258-mph (415kph), which is a record in itself.

About the Japanese firm Aspark

With no fewer than 25 worldwide offices, Aspark describes itself as a creator of breathtakingly beautiful cars. Producing select speedsters, all of which are hypercars, Aspark’s products are a result of painstaking and tedious effort given towards design architecture and aerodynamics.

The Japanese carmaker is committed to overcoming the limitations of the laws of physics. This explains why its cars are rampant and racy.

If it is pure acceleration that one seeks, then where it stands at present, look no further than the Aspark Owl.

Aspark Owl can reach speeds of up to 100 kph in under 2 seconds (Source: Aspark Company) (Source: Aspark Company)
(Source: Aspark Company)

But how is that?

The Aspark Owl SP600 recently became a headlining act at Germany’s Automotive Testing Papenburg track. The venue is also known as the ATP. It was Marc Besseng, most who was at the wheels of the Aspark Owl when it smashed the record.

The experienced racer is noted for winning the 24-hours of the Nurburgring. However, prior to smashing the speed record, several hours of wind tunnel testing and several track tests were performed.

That being said, several noted publications carried news of the breathtaking achievement. One among them, Motortrend captured the following insight:

The car is the brainchild of Aspark and the Italian Manifattura Automobili Torino (M.A.T.), which actually manufactures the Aspark. The team first measured reliable speeds of around 420 kph (261 mph), and then hit the 430 kph (267 mph) mark, and then finally on to the real record top speed for an EV of 438.73 kph (272.61 mph). Last week, the Aspark also set eighth of a mile and a quarter mile speed records for EVs at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, UK.

What’s rather important to note is that no fewer than 50 units of the Aspark Owl are known to be in production.

Again, it is one of the rare proper electric sports cars out there to capture. The carmakers claim that the machine can reach speeds of upto 100 kph in under 2 seconds. If that is not breathtakingly quick, then what is?