Zeekr Unveils Its Own EV Battery With 500 Km Range in 15 Minutes of Charging

The new high-density battery will first be seen on the Zeekr 007 electric sedan

Zeekr, Geely’s luxury electric car brand, has debuted its own high-speed charging lithium iron phosphate battery, signalling a shift away from reliance on foreign suppliers. This move is crucial in a fiercely competitive sector, as businesses seek to protect their supply networks and improve their offers.

Zeekr, a prominent participant in the electric car market, demonstrated its newly designed lithium iron phosphate battery at its parent company’s battery facility in Zhejiang province. This unique battery will first power Zeekr’s future 007 car, sporting an amazing feature: a 15-minute charge time to provide a 500km (300 miles) driving range with an 800-voltage electric system.

Rivals in the EV space such as Nio, are also aggressively pursuing battery technological breakthroughs. According to a recent Reuters article, Nio intends to split its battery-making operation as a cost-cutting strategy.

Previously, Zeekr operated its 001 crossover and 009 multipurpose vehicles (MPV) with nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) batteries from CATL, the world’s largest battery producer. The announcement of its in-house fast-charging lithium iron phosphate batteries, on the other hand, suggests a trend toward self-reliance.

CATL has also produced fast-charging batteries, which will power Li Auto’s first 100% electric MPV, MEGA. These batteries provide a significant driving range of 500km (300 miles) with a relatively low charge time of only 12 minutes, increasing competitiveness in the EV industry.

Zeekr’s decision to manufacture its fast-charging lithium iron phosphate battery fits with a larger trend in the EV market that emphasizes self-sufficiency and technical innovation. As competition in the electric car industry heats up, manufacturers are working hard to innovate, minimize reliance on third-party suppliers, and develop cutting-edge solutions for improved performance and economy. Owing to the positives, we are likely to see other EV manufacturers follow suit in the coming months.