Bajaj Tests its Upcoming CNG Bike with Platina 110, Launch Likely by June

The testing indicates that the upcoming CNG bike by Bajaj may perform like a 110cc petrol bike

Bajaj, a household name in the two-wheeler automobile industry in India, is preparing for a significant change in its lineup. Alongside electric vehicles like the Chetak scooter, the company is also exploring the idea of bringing CNG technology to its vehicles.

Bajaj has several bikes in the pipeline for release this year, with one of them—the Bajaj CNG bike—recently spotted testing with the Platina 110.

Bajaj comparing the CNG bike with its Platina 110cc bike suggests that its performance should be equivalent to a 110cc petrol-powered bike. However, to match the performance of a 110cc petrol bike, the CNG bike may require a higher displacement, given that CNG is not as power-dense as petrol.

Other Highlights of the Bajaj CNG Bike

Bajaj CNG Bike spotted testing (Image: ZigWheels)

Bajaj engineered the seat of the CNG bike with a long and flat profile, strategically accommodating the CNG cylinder underneath.

Also, there’s a notable panel gap on the fuel tank, which appears to be a large lid allowing access to the valve of the CNG tank.

The CNG bike will probably get a small petrol tank, which will serve as a backup when the CNG runs out.

The left switchgear features a blue switch, which may help switch between fuel options, allowing a rider to shift from CNG to petrol mode.

The bike comes with a fully digital instrument console (probably LCD), raised handlebar, heel and toe shifter, and mid-set footpegs, indicating an upright riding position.

Moreover, the handlebar will likely have bracing and feature hand guards, enhancing its rugged appearance.

While the Bajaj CNG has a front disc and a rear drum brake setup, it also gets a telescopic fork and a mono-shock.

Retaining its alloy wheel design from previous sightings, the CNG bike now features an upswept exhaust on the right-hand side.

When Will the CNG Bike Launch?

Digital cluster of Platina 110cc bike, which was spotted with the upcoming Bajaj CNG bike. (source: Bajaj Auto)
Digital cluster of Platina 110cc bike, which was spotted with the upcoming Bajaj CNG bike. (source: Bajaj Auto)

Bajaj will look to launch its upcoming CNG bike in the next few months, most likely between April and June 2024. Moreover, the estimated price tag of the CNG bike will be around Rs 80,000 (ex-showroom).

Being the first CNG bike in India, it won’t have direct competitors in the market. Despite this, it goes head-to-head with other fuel-efficient bikes in the 100-110cc range, like the TVS Radeon, Honda Shine 100, and the Bajaj Platina 110.

Today, several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are shifting towards alternative fuels to reduce dependence on petrol and diesel.

While some OEMs are choosing the electric path, Bajaj is exploring both electric and CNG options.