Clean Motion to Enter Indian EV Market with $1 million Investment

With planned investment of $1 million, Clean Motion will set up a dedicated manufacturing facility in Pune

Green mobility or sustainable mobility, as it is called, has been the dominant discourse in these recent times. Make no mistake- these being times straddled by incessant air pollution and the rising menace of vehicular pollution. This explains why several companies in the realm of clean energy and sustainable mobility are taking big steps towards changing the face of urban transport.

So let’s take the case of Clean Motion, one of the most talked about Sustainable Mobility firms in Europe.

Clean motion announced its India plans (Source: Clean Motion)
Clean Motion’s Electric Vehicle (Source: Clean Motion)

Clean Motion’s India foray

One of the leading manufactures of Electric vehicles and Electric vehicle components in Sweden recently announced its India plans.

The Swedish clean mobility major is making a giant investment towards the bustling Indian market. Entering the Indian EV ecosystem with a planned investment of USD 1 million, Clean Motion has major plans for India.

Scale of fund raising

Clean Motion raised the whopping sum of USD 1 million through India Accelerator’s Involve initiative. The biggest result from this round of fund-raising will be a strategic move in the state of Maharashtra.

The Swedish company confirmed it will set-up a dedicated manufacturing facility in Pune. The aim of this move is to bolster the company’s presence in the region. A city like Pune, much like Bangalore or Hyderabad is a vital clean mobility hub in India.

Furthermore, Clean Motion has already set up a subsidiary in the country. The name of the same is Clean Mobility Solution India Pvt. Ltd.

Clean Motion raised $1 million through India Accelerator's Involve initiative (Source: Clean Motion)

Developments in Pune

The vital measure that Clean Motion will be undertaking now will be to introduce its flagship product in the region. From a global point of view, the all-electric three-wheeler the ZBee has already made some waves. The same shall now be available in India in the imminent future.

Meanwhile, Finvolve’s Ashish Bhatia shared an insight:

“India is making impressive strides in the EV space and is poised to lead the charge of sustainable mobility at a global level.”

He would also further add:

“It is our strategic investment in the EV space, and we are confident that India’s favourable manufacturing environment will provide an impetus for growth to Clean India, bringing about a significant shift in the global EV market.”

That said, Clean Motion also has more exciting plans for the competitive landscape of the Indian market. It plans to set up a robust EV charging infrastructure in the country in the course of the future.