Toyota Showcases Special-Purpose Hilux Pickup Trucks For Indian Army

The two special-purpose Hilux models are meant for vehicle servicing, as well as vehicle servicing in remote locations

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has showcased two special-purpose Hilux models at the North Tech Symposium 2023 (NTS). Modified with the support of an authorised external vendor, the custom vehicles are meant to serve the needs of the Indian Army and other such clients in the defence sector of India. These innovations are meant to further the goal of “Atmanirbharta,” that is, self-reliance in the defence sector.

The new Hilux models come as a result of a comprehensive market survey by Toyota to understand the different mobility requirements of specific consumers which includes the Indian Army. With the help of its authorised external vendor, TKM then made certain modifications to the versatile Hilux, to suit these varied needs. These curated vehicles are also meant to support the evolving mobility needs across markets and verticals, thereby providing ‘Mobility for All’.

As for the vehicles, two distinct modifications are carried on the special-purpose Toyota Hilux models namely the Field Diagnosis Vehicle (FDV) and the Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV). Given the operational and logistic challenges of the Indian Army, owing to diverse terrain and climatic conditions, customisations and dedicated solutions are needed to overcome the on-ground challenges of the troops. In this direction, the FDV is designed to provide essential vehicle servicing in remote locations, supporting the Army at defence sites. On the other hand, the RIV is equipped for firefighting and rescue operations during emergency situations.

In addition to these modified versions, the general-purpose Hilux (catering to the general customers’ personal and business uses) was also on display at the Symposium held recently at IIT, Jammu. The new vehicles are up for display just weeks after TKM handed over a fleet of Toyota Hilux as the company’s first-ever delivery of its Hilux to the Indian Army in July 2023.

For those unaware, the Toyota Hilux is a series of pickup trucks produced and sold by Toyota across its international markets. Globally, the Hilux sales have surpassed 20 million units in sales in over 180 countries. Through more than five decades and eight generations, the Toyota Hilux serves those needing a versatile utility vehicle, with off-roading capabilities on challenging terrains as well as for everyday city use. Furthermore, it caters to emerging businesses, serving as a campervan, supporting farming, defence, mining, construction, and functioning as a rescue van, among other applications.

Its powertrain features a 2.8-litre Four-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel Engine, with either a 6-speed Automatic or a 6-speed Manual Transmission. The Hilux is also known for its exceptional durability, cost-effective maintenance, and versatile practicality across a range of applications. Additionally, the Hilux’s impressive water-wading capacity of 700mm positions it as an ideal choice for navigating rugged Indian trails.