BGauss to Launch its New Premium RUV350 Electric Scooter Later This Month

BGauss C12i Max, with a 3.2 kWh battery and 50km/h top speed, offers a claimed range of 143km

On Monday, BGauss revealed its latest offering, the RUV350. The company announced it will be India’s first RUV upon its imminent launch later this month. RUV stands for Recreational Utility Vehicle, highlighting the company’s effort to attract prospective buyers. The company claims the scooter has a stylish design, integrated technology, and a convenient charging feature.

Among several premium electric scooter choices, BGauss will try to establish its presence with the RUV350. Moreover, it will be the company’s second addition to the existing product lineup following the C12 model.

With a claimed range of 143km and a top speed of 50 km/h, the C12 has made a name for itself in the Indian market. However, the RUV350 will seize the spotlight upon its launch on June 25.

In a press statement, the company highlighted the comfort level and safety features the RUV350 will provide. Moreover, the BGauss boasts about its ability to handle various terrains. However, the EV maker did not reveal specifics about the battery pack, motor, or charging duration. But it seems the company aims to position its RUV350 as a premium product that will sit above the existing C12.

BGauss RUV350 will be the company’s second addition after the C12 model (Source: BGauss Official)
(Source: BGauss Official)

The C12 model, available in three variants:

  • The C12i EX offers an 85km certified range and a 2.0 kWh Battery, priced at ₹1,12,734.
  • The new C12i Max 2.0, equipped with a 2.7kWh battery, provides a certified range of 123 km, priced at ₹1,36,429.
  • The C12i Max, with a 3.2 kWh battery, offers a certified range of 135 km and costs ₹1,39,190.

Also, the company mentioned its presence with 40,000 customers across India. It asserts that its 125 showrooms facilitate accessibility to potential buyers.

Additionally, BGauss talked about ‘rigorous research and development’, which can be pivotal for emerging brands aiming to compete against established players such as Ola Electric, Ather, Hero Electric, and others in the field.

Electric two-wheelers are primarily driving India’s EV progression. Furthermore, the introduction of electric scooters has significantly equalized the playing field.